Ex-NBA Star Doesn’t Want You to Say Mt. Rushmore

Taking down statues and changing names to erase American history has become the left’s daily dose of cancel culture. Last week, Jalen Rose suggested changing the name Mount Rushmore because he thinks it’s offensive.

Breitbart reported on ESPN sports analyst Jalen Rose’s comment about Mt. Rushmore, including his Twitter video that shows him suggesting to stop saying Mt. Rushmore because “it’s offensive.” Rose tweeted with his video: “Here’s why using Mount Rushmore to define greatness should be retired immediately.”

In the video, Rose talks about Washington Redskins and the Cleveland Indians changing their names for being offensive. He says he wants to continue to challenge himself and his fans to “retire using Mt. Rushmore” because that name should be “offensive to all of us.”

Rose added that Mt. Rushmore’s name should be especially offensive to native Americans because it was their land that was stolen from them and 25 years later four American presidents were put on the top while dead bodies were buried under it.

This video of Rose, a former NBA star and a native of Detroit (MI), led conservatives to question his rhetoric. Breitbart wasn’t sure whether Rose spoke metaphorically or he literally believed bodies of native Americans were buried under Mt. Rushmore. Warner Todd Huston added the brief historical background of Mt. Rushmore as a place of worship by the natives, not a burial ground, before white Americans seized it.

Rose’s comments fall in line with the left’s political agenda to erase American history by banning, renaming, and even physically destroying the historical and cultural heritage of the country. Fox News noted that leftist network CNN has been critical of Mount Rushmore and has called it “monument of two slave-owners.” In 2017, The Federalist published a list of 16 famous American monuments that liberals want to tear down. Mount Rushmore was the third name on the list.

Jalen Rose has not been fanatically militant about his liberal views but is not entirely new to left-wing rhetoric instigating race and ethnicity in political talk. Earlier this year, Bobby Burack published an article in OutKick about how ESPN retaliated against anchor Sage Steele for expressing politically incorrect views while allowing liberals to get away with their views.

Among the listed ESPN celebrities was Jalen Rose who condemned the police for shooting Jacob Blake, the wanted felon in Wisconsin whose shooting sparked the BLM riots in Kenosha, culminating in the Kyle Rittenhouse saga. Rose had incorrectly spoken of Jacob Blake and stated that police shot and killed Blake—while Blake was only injured in the shooting.

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