Ex-New York Governor Dismisses AOC as a “Phantom of the Media”


Referring to the recent trouncing of candidates she endorsed, former NY Governor David Paterson says that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is nothing more than a “Phantom of the Media” with no real power in the Democratic Party.

“AOC are just three letters in the alphabet,” the 68-year-old fellow Democrat said in an interview on WABC radio’s “The Cats Roundtable.”

Paterson was asked by host John Catsimatidis about the recent primary results in which the majority of left-wing state Assembly contenders were unsuccessful in their efforts to expand their presence in Albany by ousting more moderate Democrats.

Asked if the losses represented “the rise and fall of AOC,” the Democratic former governor replied, “I don’t know if there ever was a rise, John.”

“I think AOC, who defeated a congressman who was notably absent from his district a lot, so she outworked him, and she beat him, and then she became this overnight, national success,” Paterson said, referring to longtime ex-US Rep. Joe Crowley, who AOC toppled in a major upset in the June 2018 Democratic primary for the Queens and Bronx House seat.

“But really, there’s no evidence that it had any coattails, not in this 2022 primary, but not even in the 2020 elections,” he added. “I think she is really a phantom of the media; the media projects her.”

To date, neither AOC nor her representatives have offered any kind of response to the former governor’s comments.

In the aforementioned primary elections, almost all of the far-left AOC-endorsed state Assembly hopefuls were defeated by establishment Democrats.

Paterson cited the statewide contest — in which Hochul and her handpicked Lt. Gov. Antonio Delgado cruised to victory — as evidence that New Yorkers aren’t buying what AOC-aligned politicians are selling.

“If you look at the gubernatorial primary, Hochul got 66%, [New York City Public Advocate] Jumaane Williams gets 16%, and so she beat the progressive by 50 points, and the other 18% or so went to [moderate US Rep.] Tom Suozzi,” he told Catsimatidis.

“My overall thought to your original question about AOC,” Paterson said, “is [that] AOC are just three letters in the alphabet.”

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