Expert: Obama’s Military Meddling Must End


According to a new report from the Center for Military Readiness, President Obama is using the armed forces as a playground for social experiments that are less about protecting the homeland and more about advancing his liberal agenda. Elaine Donnelly, the head of CMR and a former member of the Defense Advisory Committee on Women in the Services, submitted the report to the Senate Armed Services Committee this month. In it, she claims that Obama’s rush to move women into combat is not supported by the research.

“If the Obama administration continues to remove resources from the Jenga block tower’s base, while loading burdens of social engineering on the top, the structure will become increasingly unstable and eventually fall,” reads the CMR report.

The Senate right now, under the direction of John McCain, is investigating the impact of Obama’s mandate that all branches of the military permit women on the front lines. Despite considerable pushback, especially from the Marines, Obama has allowed no exemptions to his executive order. But CMR, along with many other military experts, question whether there is any sound scientific research that says women in combat jobs will improve the capability of our fighting forces.

“The Executive Branch’s unilateral plans to order military women into the combat arms rely upon best-case scenarios and unsupported assumptions that are not the basis for sound policy,” says the CMR report. “This remains a social experiment with known and unknown high risks to individual lives, missions, and national security.”

The strongest argument uses data gathered by the Marines themselves. The report cites a 2014 research study conducted by the Marine Corps and the University of Pennsylvania. The researchers set out to prove that all-male units would perform no better or worse than mixed-gender units in a series of field tests. Their hypothesis was shattered. In 69% of the ground combat tests, the male teams outperformed the mixed units. Injuries were far higher among female task force members, mixed units were slower and less effective, and men were found to “compensate” for the physical limitations of their female team members, thus increasing their own stress load.

The CMR report concludes by urging the next president to roll back Obama’s orders. “The next Commander-in-Chief must take the initiative, starting with orders to all appointees and military officials to provide complete and candid information on what has been done to our military during eight years of social experimentation since 2009,” said the report.

What a sad commentary on Obama’s leadership that this report would be necessary. As president, his job is to make sure we have the most effective military possible. If we want to destroy American families and ruin children’s lives in this over-reaching attempt to force gender “equality” on our culture, well, it is what it is. But if there’s any area that should remain untouched by social justice pandering, it’s the military. There, at least, we should be opposed to anything that would reduce our readiness.

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