Exposing Black America’s Real Enemies

If you were to take a poll tomorrow asking which political party was better for poor black communities, is there any doubt which one would win? Democrats have successfully positioned themselves as the saviors of Black America even though they’ve created many of the problems that exist today. It has to be done carefully – so very, very carefully – but Republicans need to shine a light on how much damage Democrat rule has done to African-Americans.

In the 1960s, Democrats were dragged kicking and screaming into passing the Civil Rights Act. It may seem impossible to believe now, but the party of Barack Obama didn’t want anything to do with blacks until that time. But when they realized that losing the black vote was going to destroy them on the national stage, they knew they had to act. Unfortunately, their version of “acting” in the decades since has only served to keep Black America down.

A controversial figure once said, “Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for today; teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime.” But Democrats decided that Jesus didn’t have anything relevant to say on the matter. Instead of taking measures to lift blacks up, they threw them an anchor disguised as a life preserver. With comprehensive welfare, Democrats minimized the importance of the family, eliminated the need for personal responsibility, and told Black America, “You need all the help you can get.”

Those Handouts Are Handcuffs

The Democrat Party has become that permissive parent we all know who feeds her kids candy, lets her teenagers smoke, and buys them condoms when they turn fourteen. It’s more important to her that she be a friend to her children than a mom. And while some children who grow up in such houses turn into productive members of society, many are so devastated by the harsh light of reality that they never recover. The same is true of the welfare state imposed by American liberals. If you come from three generations of welfare recipients, do you have anyone telling you there’s something more?

The beauty and power of hard work and self-reliance is only known by those who have seen it transform their own lives. There are a slew of powerful, sophisticated, wealthy, successful black Americans who can preach a message of independence to kids and young adults stuck in the poverty cycle. Unfortunately, too many “black leaders” attack such messages as impractical and unfair. Of course they do. Their power is derived from making sure a certain group of Americans feel endlessly victimized. If that goes away, so do they.

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