Extremist Billboard in FL: “NRA is a Terrorist Organization”


A former Clinton administration staffer named Claude Taylor has begun putting up extremist billboards across the country that promote his liberal agenda. While Taylor, through his Mad Dog PAC, started with billboards targeting Florida Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz, a fierce supporter of the president, he has now moved on to a new enemy: The National Rifle Association. And so in Pensacola this week, Taylor plastered a new billboard with a controversial, if not utterly absurd, message.

“The NRA is a Terrorist Organization,” reads the Pensacola billboard.

This is not an uncommon sentiment on the left. In recent weeks alone, a writer for The Root and documentary filmmaker Michael Moore have both espoused the same idea. Liberals essentially believe (or at least want uninformed Americans to believe) that without the NRA, we would have “common sense gun control” and incidents like the Parkland, FL massacre would never occur. This is an outrageous lie, of course. The NRA had nothing to do with the phrasing of the Second Amendment, has nothing to do with the passing of legislation, and had nothing to do with the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Or any other mass shooting, for that matter.

But they make a convenient scapegoat for the left, which thrives on demonizing any hobby, belief, or organization affiliated with red state America.

“With the GOP majority in the House and in the Senate, the NRA makes impossible any meaningful, common-sense gun reform,” Taylor told the local news. “That includes background checks and assault weapon bans.”

Hmm, no.

But let’s just take Taylor’s argument at face value and, for funsies, pretend that we agree with his premise. How, then, would that make the NRA a “terrorist organization.” What Taylor describes is, at most, a powerful lobbying group. If the NRA is a terrorist organization under that construct, then so is the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. So is AT&T. So is Dow Chemical. So is Amazon.

We get that Taylor is making the point that without these “common-sense gun reform” measures, kids are being shot in their classrooms, but here’s the thing…Nikolas Cruz passed a background check. And if he couldn’t have gotten his hands on an “assault weapon,” he could have just as easily killed those students with another type of gun.

“The NRA is helping facilitate the introduction to the civilian marketplace of a broad range of military grade weaponry that is inappropriate, unsafe and unwise to have in civilian hands,” Taylor said. “And legislatively, the NRA owns the GOP.”

Nonsense. There’s nothing “military grade” about the rifle Cruz used in the slaughter, and this kind of ignorant hyperbole is not getting us any closer to finding some real solutions to the plague of mass shootings. This entire narrative is about nothing more or less than getting Democrats elected off the blood of innocent victims. It’s disturbing and it’s wrong. And frankly, it’s really, really dumb.

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