F— JB Chants Erupt at Queen’s Funeral


You might think that F*ck is a uniquely American curse word, particularly when directed at the current commander-in-chief, but rousing cheers of “F*ck Joe Biden” were recently heard in of all places, during the funeral of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth!

As Joe Biden’s limo passed by the thousands who had lined the streets of London to bid their final farewells to their beloved Queen, the derogatory chant could be clearly heard.

As “Louder With Crowder” reports, this may not be the first documented case of a European “F*ck Joe Biden” chant. The Italians chanted it once as they marched past the US Embassy. But this is the first time we’ve seen Euros chant it directly AT Joe Biden. 

Unlike here on our side of the pond, it’s hard to imagine what it is that Biden could have done to garnish such hate from the Brits at such a somber time.

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However, some speculate that the disapproval might have been the result of the rude way Biden was thirty minutes late to the Queen’s funeral and had to wait outside while the other world leaders had already taken their seats. 

Or, it could just be that even our one-time despotic overlords realize how much Biden sucks as a leader.

  1. Leslie says

    F.J.B. F.J.B. 👍🏼

  2. Carl says

    You are using a fake clip it has been alters
    Please don’t spread lies

    1. Leslie says

      You mean like the liberals do? Bunch of lying, hypocritical democrats destroying our nation?
      The problem is people don’t vote for a candidate who will do what’s best for America and the people!
      Democrats only vote for party and that is causing the destruction!
      YES. F.J.B. YES F.J.B. or better yet bury the asshole

  3. K P says

    BYEDUN deserves every bit of that!! Goes to show what an embarrassment he is all over the world. Poor BASTURD has no idea how hated he is. The saddest part is his fucking wife, the EDUCATED IDIOT, let’s it just keep on continuing. Does she really LOVE him?? Sure doesn’t seem like it. Shouldn’t she be protecting him? Maybe she realizes that HO HO HEELS UP Kasmela Hairass would be worse.

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