Fake Outrage Claims Another University Dean


If you happen to be a dean at a liberal arts college in America today, you might want to dust off the old resume. They’re falling like flies around here, brother.

The latest victim of a world gone mad is Mary Spellman, dean of Claremont McKenna College. She followed the University of Missouri’s president into the unemployment line on Thursday, and for much the same sin. After a Latina student wrote an op-ed describing the problems she was having on campus, Spellman promised that she would do more to help minority students feel more welcome.

So she used an unfortunate choice of words, so what? What she actually said was that she would help students who didn’t “fit the CMC mold.” Which, if you’re a student looking for something to lose your mind over, could be construed as somewhat offensive. But if you were to take a moment, think it over, and question whether the dean would make a snide racist statement in the midst of offering help, you would probably have to conclude that she wouldn’t. And if she would, it would be a lot more blatant.

But people who get caught up in this faux drama aren’t prone to stopping and thinking. They don’t want to consider the possibility that just because their Black Lives Matter poster got defaced, it might not mean a revolution is in order. That just because some white kid called them a name, it doesn’t mean their college is built on white supremacy.

Upon resigning, Spellman wrote that her decision was “the best way to gain closure of a controversy that has divided the student body and disrupted the mission of this fine institution.”

Doubtful. See, if this was a real cause we were talking about, she might have a point. If she had actually done or said something racist, perhaps her resignation would bring calm to the campus. But this isn’t about achieving anything. This is about young kids getting high off the emotional adrenaline that comes with outrage. And now that they’ve gotten the ultimate high – A RESULT – their habit will only grow worse.

It’s a shame that (presumably) good people are having their lives ruined by this execrable movement.

But in another way, these universities should probably do a little stopping and a little thinking of their own. What stories are they selling these kids in classrooms around the country? What are these students learning about America? About what it means to be an American? When you fill their head up with radical garbage, don’t be surprised when they spew that garbage back in your face.

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