Far-Left DC Mayor Requests National Guard to Help with Illegal Alien Crisis


Far-left Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser requested the National Guard to help with what she called the “humanitarian crisis” of 4,000 illegal immigrants who’ve been bused to the nation’s capital — a sanctuary city — over the last several months.

What are the details?

Bowser, a Democrat, made the National Guard activation request in a July 19 letter to the office of the Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin and in a July 22 letter to White House aides, WRC-TV reported:

“The migrant crisis facing our city and our country through cruel political gamesmanship from the Governors of Texas and Arizona must be dealt with at the federal level,” the July 22 letter reads, according to WRC.

Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott earlier this year began chartering buses to send migrants to D.C. and other sanctuary cities, the station said, but aid groups said there are not enough resources available for them in the nation’s capital.

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Bowser said the 4,000 migrants who’ve arrived so far in D.C. is a “humanitarian crisis” that has reached a “tipping point,” WRC reported, adding that the city hasn’t received a response to its National Guard request as of Thursday.

Republican U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas agreed with Bowser’s assessment in a Thursday tweet — and added a zinger for the mayor:

“If 4,000 is a tipping point, what the hell do you call the THREE & A HALF MILLION illegal immigrants who’ve crossed our southern border??” Cruz wondered.

Anything else?

Bowser also requested the use of the DC Armory — a multipurpose events venue — as a processing center, WRC said.

On Wednesday, immigration agents found 73 migrants living in houses operated by human smugglers in Northwest D.C., the station said, citing internal documents NBC News reviewed. WRC said it’s unclear why so many migrants were being kept in what appear to be stash houses in D.C.

Original Article: Far-left DC mayor requests National Guard to help with ‘humanitarian crisis’ of 4,000 illegals who’ve been bused to nation’s capital — a sanctuary city – TheBlaze

  1. Tellingit says

    ROTFLMAO!!! Ya just can’t make this stuff up. And of course, the only thing missing is “It’s all Trump’s fault!” (Shouldn’t San Fran Nan create a “special committee” to investigate? )

    Let’s go, Brandon! Remember in November; end the madness.

  2. Gerry says

    Now bowser wants the national guard– why didn’t she want them on Jan. 6th !!!!!!! I don’t agree with Abbott sending them to DC because the illegitimate squatter in the WH and the rest of his inept,unqualified administration will just distribute them around the country never to be heard from again until they commit a crime. Abbott needs to start sending them back across the border regardless whether he has the authority or not. Our Constitution is being ripped apart everyday by the demoTRASH so why shouldn’t Abbott.

  3. Charles says

    POOR BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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