Far-Left Protestors Threaten Trump Appearance


Ahead of former President Donald Trump’s appearance at the American Freedom Tour’s Austin stop, numerous far-left groups are planning protests that will march to the convention center where the event is taking place.

On May 14, Trump as well as a number of other conservative guest speakers will be making a stop on the American Freedom Tour at the Austin Convention Center.

One of these protests, called “Trump Ain’t Welcome in Austin,” tells protestors to show up to the convention center to tell Trump and event attendees that they, as the name suggests, “ain’t welcome in our city.”

“Two years after his failed coup attempt, Trump remains a free man, touring the country to drum up support for hatred, brutality, and his pathetic political career. The ‘American Freedom Tour’ is coming to the Austin Convention Center, May 14, 8:30AM-5PM. As it’s ending, come tell the parasitic treasonous moron and his addled fans that they ain’t welcome in our city,” the protests description states.

Bring anti-Trump, anti-racist, anti-fascist, patriotic, pro-gay, pro-trans, pro-immigrant, and pro-choice banners and signs! Bring your friends! BYOG,” it adds, describing that the acronym means “bring your own guillotine.”

The protest’s Facebook page also features photo with the phrase “Nolite te bastardes carborundorum,” which comes from the Margaret Atwood novel “The Handmaid’s Tale.”

As Vanity Fair describes, “It’s a made-up phrase in mock Latin—a schoolboy’s joke, as it’s explained in both the novel and the series. If it were a real phrase, it would roughly translate to ‘don’t let the bastards grind you down.'”

Another protestor wrote on Twitter that while making signs for a “Bans Off Our Bodies” protest, she discovered that Trump would be in town the same day.

“Gotta double up on the protest signs,” she wrote.

The Bans Off Our Bodies protest is being put on by Planned Parenthood Texas, and will take place just blocks away from the Austin Convention Center where the American Freedom Tour is taking place.

“Planned Parenthood Texas Votes invites you to join these efforts during this moment of crisis. It is necessary to act now, all across the country, not only to demonstrate that people support abortion access, but to show that we won’t back down,” Planned Parenthood wrote.

The Planned Parenthood protest is part of a nationwide “day of action,” with a national event occurring in Washington DC, as well as smaller events in New York City, Boston, San Francisco, and other US cities.

Planned Parenthood also states on their website that they are offering free bus rides from Dallas, Waco, Houston, and Fort Worth to Austin for those interested in coming for the protest.

Also occurring on Saturday within the Texas city is the “Rally for Reproductive Rights,” which will start just across the street from the Planned Parenthood protest, and march down East Cesar Chavez Street to the Austin Convention Center.

The protest is a joint effort between The Coalition Austin, a student-run “social justice group,” and TX4Abortion, a pro-abortion group.

“On May 14th, as others rise up for abortion rights across the country and Donald Trump and other vicious Republican fascists will be gathered at the Austin Convention Center – the same fascists fueling this patriarchal rampage on our rights – we will take our stand. Abortion on Demand Without Apology! We refuse to let the Supreme Court decimate our rights! Post Roe? Hell no!” the group wrote on Instagram.

“And these Republi-fascists need to GTFO!” they added.

Widespread protests have sparked off nationwide after Politico published a leaked draft opinion from the Supreme Court indicating that a majority of the court’s justices would vote to overturn Roe v Wade.

Original Article: Far-left protesters threaten Donald Trump appearance at American Freedom Tour in Austin | The Post Millennial

  1. JC says

    OK… I didn’t think the good people of Texas would succumb to the blue side, but this really has got to open some people’s eyes… I’m guessing that the fiasco at the border is actually becoming what the dems wanted… Good job by the supposed vp…

    1. G.W. says

      All of Texas isn’t like Austin! It also seems a lot of the ones coming from CA have gone there. 😔

      1. Anonymous says

        You just wait and see, compadre!!

  2. Tg says

    The truth is that these abortion activists are very angry they were not aborted. It is not too late, they could still be counted in the aborted by killing themselves.

  3. Leslie says

    Ridiculous, liberal communist administration is totally destroying America.
    The only thing they care about is your color, if you change your gender, if you have sex with same gender.
    Those are the only things that qualify you for anything!
    Democrats have been making promises to blacks and Latinos as well as student loans for a decade or more, as soon as they get your vote and in office, they conveniently forget you. Obama/Biden, Clinton, right down the line. Only reason more didn’t happen during Trump administration was that they fought and blocked everything he tried to accomplish! Then APPOINTED Biden instead of a legitimate vote.
    Americans and America were cheated.

  4. Iceman47 says

    What the majority of these pro abortion fanatics do not realize I’d that it was the ABSENCE of Roe v. Wade that kept them from being sucked out of their mothers wombs yet they have no qualms about killing their own children and being proud of it. Sick bitches.

    1. Cozycalico says

      It is so simple! If you do not want a baby then don’t get yourself pregnant. There are so many ways available now days to prevent pregnancy if you choose to have sex outside of marriage that there is no reason to get pregnant in the first place with only exception being rape. In case of rape put baby up for adoption and give a couple and the baby life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

  5. Helen says

    Oh stop! Grow up! Look what Biden is doing to our economy! THINK AND QUIT BEING SO EMOTIONAL!

  6. Helen says

    Oh stop! Grow up! Look what Biden is doing to our economy! THINK AND QUIT BEING SO EMOTIONAL!

  7. John says

    TX is NOT a blue state,but very RED!!!!! This event could lead to some violence with MAGA supporters!! Hopefully the TX DPS will step in and quell the rioters!!!!!!!👍👍👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  8. SweetLadyMary says

    Maybe if the wackos would make responsible sexual choices, they wouldn’t need abortions. Have any of them heard of birth control? Have these wackos heard of the right to free speech? The right to free speech goes both ways, it doesn’t only apply to the democrats. Austin is a cesspool of liberals who want to cancel freedom.

  9. Jaine says

    Women have a choice what do with their bodies—keep your legs closed before you get pregnant instead of opening them for an abortion!!!

  10. Ruth says

    Such threats should already have such a group arrested and it’s officers jailed! Such is NOT peaceful protests! I remember when domestic violence threats of murder were not handled until violence happened ( too late!). Laws changed, and could also change to criminalize the rabid threats, burning & looting of our businesses , streets, & neighborhoods! When people fear frequently for their lives – they tend to prefer enslavement by non-democratic countries! THINK, please, career politicians & do the right thing / lead the right way!

  11. Camus says

    As a west Texan I’m ashamed of Austin. It’s NOT Texas. We should give that whole area to Louisiana, but I doubt they’d take it.

  12. aaa says

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