Female Republican Blasted as “Loony Tune” for Questioning Impeachment Narrative

If you were to go looking for the least partisan Republican in the House of Representatives, you could stop your search once you landed on Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY). A 35-year-old millennial, Stefanik thinks nothing of bucking the GOP if she doesn’t believe in what the party is espousing. Why, just this week she was voting with the Democrats to reauthorize the Import-Export Bank – one of only 13 Republicans to cross the aisle. She didn’t vote for 2017’s big tax bill, and she has one of the most centrist, bipartisan voting records in the House.

But because she sits on the House Intelligence Committee and she clearly isn’t buying the impeachment case that the Democrats are selling, she’s “drinking loony tune juice,” (Nicolle Wallace) and serving as an “example of why just electing women and millennials doesn’t necessarily get you the leaders we need” (former Bush aide Matthew Dowd). In other words, this woman who has built her congressional reputation on building a bridge between the two parties is now just a “Trump shill” (Wallace, again) who doesn’t deserve her seat in Congress.

The media/left’s willingness to attack this woman as some sort of Republican “token” female was absolutely disgusting. You would NEVER see them attack a Democrat woman like this. In fact, if any Republican or conservative commentator dared to talk about a liberal woman this way, they would be stripped and hung by their underwear from the national flagpole. But since you apparently lose your membership to the female tribe when you defend Donald Trump in any way, shape, or form, none of this applies to Stefanik. She might as well be a Russian traitor, and Adam Schiff can feel free to interrupt her and shut her down whenever he feels it necessary. Hold your “she persisted” memes, please.

Regardless of how her questions were regarded by the left, though, Stefanik proved she could hold her own quite well on Friday. In questioning former ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, the New York Republican stood up for the truth in a way that really got under the skin of the lying Democrats on the dais.

In an interview after the hearing, Stefanik assured a hostile media that there was nothing about her performance that was at odds with her record as a moderate lawmaker.

“This is a matter of constitutional importance, and I’m asking substantive, fact-based questions to the witnesses,” she said. “I have one of the top 10 percent most bipartisan records in this House and one of the most independent records. But when it comes to constitutional matters, we should focus on the facts. We should not let this be a partisan attack the way Adam Schiff is conducting himself.”

Anyone who can take the partisan glasses off for even a moment can see what a sham these hearings are. Elise Stefanik certainly can. But Trump’s critics are so willfully blind to this unfair, baseless inquiry that they’ll throw anybody under the bus if they don’t tow the line. It’s amazing, and it shows you how little faith they have in the facts. The minute anyone questions this charade, they circle the wagons.

Well, the voters will have the last laugh.

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