Feminist to Congress: It’s Not “Misgendering” to Tell the Truth About Reality

There was a moment of cool, blessed sanity in Washington on Thursday, and it came from – of all people – a lesbian feminist testifying in front of the House Judiciary Committee. The committee, which was deliberating on whether or not to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act, spoke to Julia Beck who had some enlightening things to say about our current transgender trends and how damaging they have been to free speech, women, and our shared reality as Americans.

“Acknowledging biological sex is not inhumane,” Beck said, making an assertion that would have been unnecessary to the point of absurdity only a few years ago. “It’s actually inhumane to force women to share intimate spaces with male people who call themselves women. So I don’t see any problem with calling someone male or female, man or woman, because these are words that refer to biological reality. We need to acknowledge biological sex. Doing so is not inhumane.”

Beck said that by including gender identity protections in the law, Congress was putting the safety – indeed, the very lives – of women at risk. She said that furthermore, it was not incumbent upon the rest of society to go along with an individual’s claim of a gender identity different than their biological sex.

“People who self-identify as transgender are human,” she said. “They’re people. But that doesn’t mean that I have to kowtow to their identity. I can still call someone who identifies as a transgender woman a man because he is a man, he’s male. And most men who call themselves ‘transgender women’ retain their male genitals. They pose a threat to women because male genitals can be weaponized. Women are all vulnerable to forced impregnation. That’s just the facts of our biology. So it’s not inhumane to call someone according to their sex.”

We’re sure there is a list of issues a mile long on which we would vehemently disagree with Ms. Beck, but that just goes to show you how twisted our current social justice trends have become. When an increasing number of radical feminists find themselves on the same side as militant conservatives? Whoa, something or someone has run right off the tracks. And, let’s be honest, there’s really no confusion about who that someone is.

“I think the suggestion that transgender individuals are pretending that they are a different gender is deeply offensive,” said Rhode Island Democrat David Cicilline.

Yeah, well, Democrats find a lot of things “deeply offensive” that are little more than restatements of plain, inarguable truth.

We would like to hope and believe that feminists like Julia Beck will be ascendant on the left in the coming years, but it’s hard to imagine. The Democratic Party and its various affiliates have decided that the “science is settled” on the issue of transgender rights. History shows that once they’ve made up their minds, no amount of science, logic, or unintended consequences will ever change it back.

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