“Fill That Seat!” Trump Rally Crowd Wants a New Supreme Court Justice

It’s too early for the media networks to run their fictionalized polls and tell us (inevitably) that 99.9% of Americans want Trump and Congress to wait until after the election to nominate and confirm a new Supreme Court justice, but in the meantime, the people have spoken. Trump’s people, that is. At the president’s rally in North Carolina on Saturday, his most enthusiastic supporters let him know in no uncertain terms that they want Trump to replace the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg as soon as possible.

“Fill that seat!” they chanted when Trump speculated on who might succeed Ginsburg on the nation’s high court.

Trump assured his supporters that he intends to do just that.

“It will be a woman — a very talented, very brilliant woman,” Trump said. “I think it should be a woman. I actually like women much more than I like men.”

Trump said that it was within both his constitutional duties and rights to nominate a new justice.

“It says the president, we’re supposed to fill the seat. That’s what we’re going to do,” Trump said.

In remarks to reporters later in the day, Trump said that he could make the announcement by the end of this week.

According to a new report from Fox News, the selection may come down to two women in particular: Either Judge Amy Coney Barrett from Chicago or Judge Barbara Lagoa from Atlanta.

“Barrett, 48, a judge with the Chicago-based U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, is a conservative, pro-life Roman Catholic who clerked for late Justice Antonin Scalia after she graduated from law school,” explains Fox News. “She believes in originalism, the idea that judges should interpret the Constitution as the Founding Fathers intended.”

While Barrett’s judicial record is sparse, she is extremely popular among conservatives and her name was thrown around enthusiastically the last two times a seat opened up on the Supreme Court.

As for Lagoa, Fox News reports: “The Miami native was nominated in 2006 by then-Gov. Jeb Bush to Florida’s 3rd District Court of Appeals, where she served for more than a decade before being elevated briefly to the state’s Supreme Court. Last year, Trump nominated her to the Atlanta-based U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit and she was easily confirmed, according to USA Today.”

If there is a downside to Lagoa, it is that critics have expressed concerns about her conservative bona fides, particularly as it relates to the subject of abortion.

Seeing as how there’s not a chance in hell that a single Senate Democrat will vote to confirm Trump’s nominee, we expect that he’ll pick the one that satisfies his base – and Mitch McConnell – the most. If Democrats are going to pitch a fit regardless, we might as well go for broke.

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