Film Presents Evidence of 2020 Ballot Stuffing


By Bob Segal


I recently watched the Dinesh D’Souza film “2000 Mules.” At the very least, the movie makes a compelling case using what appears to be incontrovertible evidence that not only was there massive “ballot stuffing” fraud in the key swing states, but that the fraud literally stole the election from former President Donald Trump and gave it to President Biden.

“2000 Mules” bases its conclusions primarily upon cellphone tracking data provided by carriers and surveillance video of ballot drop boxes provided by multiple state governments. The only ways to dismiss the film’s conclusion that Mr. Biden’s victory derived from massive ballot stuffing is to show that the data used to track the cell phones was corrupt, the analysis of the data was flawed or the videos received from the respective governments were doctored. No one has established any such improprieties, yet the mainstream media’s knee-jerk reaction is to reject the film and its conclusions and offer absurd suggestions to explain how the data and video evidence is false.

It has been suggested that the people in the videos are election workers retrieving ballots from the boxes or that the cellphone data is of taxi drivers who happen to pass the ballot boxes. All one must do to reject such nonsense is watch the film.


In a perfect journalistic world populated by real journalists, this film would indicate a large amount of smoke worthy of investigation. But again, the same super-partisan, leftist media is making zero effort to get to the truth. I challenge any Democrat, Trump hater, any Never Trumper to watch the film and see whether their rock-solid belief in the honesty of Mr. Biden’s election remains so afterward.

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  1. Mark Donovan says

    The “Ministry of Truth” department wants to speak to you. Evidence, facts and actual videos of democrats committing crimes will not be tolerated. Retract immediately or go directly to jail. The Ministry has spoken!

  2. Richard Rybka says

    Doesn’t take a genius to figure this one out.

  3. Leslie says

    Send a copy to SCOUS make sure they watch it!! Then do something about the corruption in this administration! Soros, Clinton, Obama, Pelosi and so many others need to be prosecuted !
    Jan 6 needs to be dropped as it was planned and sponsored by Antifa and leftist anti Americans, to make peaceful protests turn ugly.

  4. Anonymous says

    This twisted story brought to you by the disgruntled losers that can not fathom that the GOP & Trump Truly did lose the election…… and all must badger & slander to try to shed doubt & suspicion on the American Voting Policies that have stood unshaken foe over 100 years. GOP Crying towels provided upon request….!

  5. aaa says

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