Florida Democrats Pumped to Have Felons Voting in Next Election

We don’t have particularly strong feelings one way or the other about Florida’s brand new Amendment 4, which passed on Tuesday. The amendment, which restores voting rights to people who have been convicted of felonies, have served out their complete sentences, and weren’t charged with sex offenses or murder, makes a certain amount of sense, actually. There seems to be little valid constitutional reason to lose your voting rights for life due to a felony sentence. Once you’ve paid your debt to society, it makes sense for your constitutional rights to be restored in most cases. That’s one of the principles of our justice system, so we’re not greatly bothered by the decision Floridians made at the polls this week.

That said, it does give us a little bit of amusement to see just how excited Democrats are to have gotten this one through. Like, they’re really psyched. And they aren’t even bothering to hide the reason for their excitement. They’ll just come right out and tell you that they fully expect to pick up the majority of “new” voters when a million or so convicted felons head out to the polls in 2020. This may be the first time in political history that a major party stood up and proudly proclaimed: We’re the Party for Criminals! It’s hilarious.

GQ writer Jay Willis, while mourning the loss of gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum (speaking of criminals), said that the passing of Amendment 4 meant that Florida still turned out to be a big win for Democrats. Like most on the left who don’t want to come right out and scream the slogan we mentioned in the last paragraph, Willis frames the issue in racial justice terms.

“An analysis conducted by the Tampa Bay Times and Miami Herald found that black Floridians, by operation of this law, are five times as likely to lose their right to vote as white Floridians,” he writes. “Last year, more black people lost their right to vote than did white people, even though the population is only 13 percent black. Because minority voters tend to vote Democrat, felony disenfranchisement is also foundational to the GOP’s power and influence in the state. Of those people removed from the rolls last year, 52 percent were Democrats; only 14 percent were Republicans.”

We’re never going to fully grasp why lefties like Willis think that committing felonies is baked into a black man’s DNA like skin tone and a predilection for sickle-cell anemia, but they do. Blacks commit more crime, thus any attempt to hinder the right of felons to vote is an abject stab at racial discrimination. Well, perhaps locking criminals up in the first place is discriminatory!

Alas, there are plenty on the left who already believe that, so the point is moot.

Anyway, congratulations, Democrats. Short of granting illegal immigrants blanket citizenship, we can’t think of any more clever way for you to grow your base overnight.

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