“For It”: One Muslim’s Terrifying Admission

Give them enough rope…

This week, David Horowitz of NewsReal delivered a lecture at UC San Diego to counter the propaganda students were getting from the Muslim Student Association’s Israeli Apartheid Week. Called “Hitler Youth Week” by those in the know, it is aimed at Palestinian liberation. Horowitz, who has made his mission in life to expose the evil that these Muslim organizations support, took questions after the lecture.

The video is worth a watch, but if you don’t have time, here’s the gist of it. A young girl stands up and identifies herself as a member of the Muslim Student Association. She asks Horowitz if he can prove any of his allegations that organizations such as the Muslim Brotherhood have connections to terrorist outfits. Instead of directly answering her question – he directed her to the literature – he asked her if she would be willing to condemn HAMAS. She refused to say.



Horowitz said he encountered this brick wall everywhere he went – Muslims unwilling to condemn HAMAS or Hezbollah. He said that the leadership of Hezbollah had come out to say that he wished all Jews would return to Israel to save them the trouble of having to hunt them down one by one. He then turned to the student and asked her point blank, “For it? Or against it?”

The student did not hesitate. “For it,” she said defiantly.

And that’s all you really need to know. If that doesn’t raise goosebumps on your arms, check your pulse. This isn’t to say that all Muslims think this way, but this is considered mainstream within the ranks of these organizations. These organizations, by the way, aren’t just linked to terrorist groups. They are also welcome in the White House. They have an awesome amount of lobbying power in Washington, despite these chilling beliefs.

Organized anti-semitism? Yeah, we’ve seen this movie before. We need to get honest about this venomous philosophy before it’s too late. Instead, we’re headed in the other direction. We are allowing room for it in our national discourse, treating these people with dignity and “tolerance,” as if their views are perfectly reasonable. As if it’s valid to support terrorist organizations that kill innocent people.

Liberals are so terrified to find themselves on the same side as conservatives that they’ve taken up the terrorist cause! This isn’t about tolerance. Why should we ever be expected to tolerate a hateful, dangerous ideology? Hate is hate. It doesn’t matter if the object is brown or white. It doesn’t matter if they’re male or female. And it doesn’t matter if they’re Christian or Muslim. What matters is what they support, and these organizations have made that abundantly clear.

Draw a cartoon of Mohammad? Not okay.

Support hunting down and killing every Jew in the world? Oh, well, it’s free speech. And you can’t blame them, because they are the oppressed minority.

That kind of thinking is going to get us all slaughtered.

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