Former CIA Director Compares Trump Immigration Policy to Hitler’s Germany

The former heads of the U.S. intelligence agencies have found new life in retirement as full-time critics of the Trump administration. Whether these yahoos served under Obama, Bush, or Clinton, they make it known daily that they loathe this president and everything he stands for.

In one respect, perhaps their “resistance” to Trump is unsurprising; Trump has, after all, waged a successful war on the failed policies of these organizations for the last three years, both officially and as a candidate. In another, though, people like John Brennan and James Clapper are simply embarrassing themselves – wrecking their own reputations in an attempt to defend their own misguided decisions.

Then there is Michael Hayden. The former director of the CIA under President Bush, Hayden rarely misses an opportunity to go on MSNBC and bash the current administration. Hayden is a Republican, one would assume, but he is firmly in the NeverTrump camp – a diminishing and increasingly-silly collection of irrelevant conservatives who can’t come to terms with the fact that the world has moved on. Their irrelevance leads them to go further and further in their efforts to slam the president, because that’s what gets them favorable headlines from the left-wing media. John McCain, Jeff Flake, George Will, and Bill Kristol have, among others, grown very fond of the unusual MSM adoration, and they now crave it like a drug. It’s…pathetic.

Only rarely, though, do they sink quite as low as Hayden did on Twitter this weekend when he compared the administration’s zero tolerance policy for illegal immigration to the Nazi regime in 1930s Germany.

“Other governments have separated mothers and children,” Hayden wrote, including in his tweet a picture of the infamous concentration camp, Auschwitz.

Hayden was of course referencing the much-maligned law that requires children and parents to keep kept separate in the event that the latter are taken into custody and put into a detention center. That, of course, is what must happen if the Trump administration is to enforce the law of the land. The only thing shocking about it is that people are shocked about it. Newsflash: When Americans are arrested for crimes, they too are separated from their families. This is no different. It is certainly not, as Hayden suggests, comparable to the Jewish roundup of Hitler’s regime.

No one, including the president himself, likes to see children and families put through this kind of misery. But until the Democrats buck up and support Trump’s immigration agenda, the only choice his administration has is to enforce the law to its maximum penalties. If the left doesn’t like it, they should put pressure on congressional Democrats to shell out money for the wall and to support the immigration reform proposals the White House has put on the table. Until that happens, Trump will use the tools at his disposal to cut immigration levels under the current laws. That is what he was elected to do.

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