Former House Majority Leader: Military Should Be Armed

In the wake of yet another domestic terror attack, former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay is among many who say restrictive gun policies left Chattanooga military officials defenseless. “We’re going to have to change the president because this president’s answer to all of this is get rid of the guns,” Delay said on Newsmax’s The Steve Malzberg Show. “Right here in Texas where I am, I’m able to carry a gun, a concealed weapon and in another month I’ll be able to carry one on my hip, open carry. We ought to be arming ourselves, particularly the military.”

President Obama hasn’t yet pushed the gun control button in the wake of Mohammad Abdulazeez’s murderous rampage, but DeLay’s point is well taken nonetheless. He carried out his attack in a supposedly gun-free zone, a restriction that only ensured that his victims would not be armed. It did nothing (obviously) to discourage him from bringing his own gun onto the premises.

This case is made worse because we should have changed things after earlier attacks, DeLay said. “Why haven’t we learned something from the shooting at Fort Hood? I was totally shocked after that shooting in Fort Hood that soldiers that are trained to use firearms are not allowed to carry firearms on an Army base.”

Other Republicans, including presidential contenders Donald Trump and Mike Huckabee, have made similar comments in the wake of the tragedy. That’s all well and good, but it boggles the mind that these sentiments aren’t universal. It is clear as day that gun control regulations do nothing to prevent bad guys from carrying out their deeds. Would Abdulazeez have killed four Marines if they had been armed? No one can answer that question, but it’s a safe bet that the victims would have liked to have the option to defend themselves.

Tragedies like this one give us a chance to not only stand strong against terror but also review our practices to see if there is anything we can change to protect ourselves in the future. Too often, unfortunately, that review gets derailed. We start talking about useless gun control measures. We start talking about “systemic racism.” We start talking about the Confederate flag. With all of these distractions in the air, we never get around to addressing the real problems.

The number one problem now, of course, is determining how we can ferret out Muslims who have been radicalized. The second problem is making sure that Americans aren’t sitting ducks, simply waiting to be killed. But addressing these problems involves crossing the left’s Political Correctness Fence, meaning that nothing will ever be resolved until we have strong conservatives in office. Conservatism is common sense. And that’s something we have far too little of in today’s America.

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