Former Lawmaker: Dems Want to Change Elections Because They’re Losing

Last week, MSNBC host Chris Hayes made the bizarre proclamation that the thing that was so weird about the Electoral College is that, if it weren’t in the Constitution, it would be unconstitutional.

This raised eyebrows across the political spectrum, even as Hayes tried to buttress his inane observation by noting the leftward constitutional leanings of the Supreme Court over the last fifty years. In other words, because the modern Supreme Court sees elections through a certain prism, that prism takes precedence over the actual Constitution when we’re deciding which things are constitutional and which things are not.

Hayes’ argument, as idiotic as it might have been, was not far off the path of the liberal mainstream these days. Since President Trump won the 2016 election without winning the popular vote, Democrats and their allies have been waging war against the Electoral College as if it were some kind of unfair, bigotry-designed scheme to deny them the presidency. And while they have all manner of arguments against the system (some decent, some awful), the motivation behind these arguments is the same: They aren’t winning.

“The Electoral College is in the Constitution, so yes, it is constitutional and has been for a couple of hundred years,” said former Rep. Jason Chaffetz on Fox News Monday. “And it’s not going away.”

Chaffetz noted that the Electoral College was crucial in ensuring that small states like Delaware and Rhode Island were not shut out of a popular vote contest for the presidency.

“That was the deal that our Founders came together to say, hey, this is how we find the proper balance,” he said. “This is how we make sure big states don’t overrun us and it’s part of our rich heritage.”

But Chaffetz noted that even logically pointing out the flaws in the left’s arguments did not quite suffice, because these arguments were not being made in good faith to begin with.

“They want to change the way we do things in 2020 and the future because their ideas are not winning, but they’ve got to change the rules of the road,” he said.

This is exactly the case. Whether it’s railing against the Electoral College, trying to make it illegal for corporations to donate to political campaigns, or attempting to thwart any laws that might prevent voter fraud, Democrats are desperate to change the landscape to make it more favorable for their politicians to win elections. You can also extend that to include the legalization of illegal immigrants and much more.

If Democrats can’t win the next election fairly, they’ll do everything they can to cheat their way back into power. Their quest for domination is sick, disturbing, and unquenchable.

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