Former NFL Star: Democratic Party Destroyed African-American Families


New Jersey Congressional candidate Gary Cobb (R) has played football for the Dallas Cowboys, the Philadelphia Eagles and the Detroit Lions, but he may never have thrown a rocket with the same force and speed he did Wednesday on the Steve Malzberg Show. When the host asked the 57-year-old Cobb why he was a Republican, the man didn’t mince words:

“During the 60s, Lyndon Baines Johnson was putting in his ‘Eliminate Poverty’ program, and this was an incentive for the man to leave the home,” Cobb said. Later in the interview, he explained that the program and others like it “destroyed African-American families throughout the country.”

While Cobb’s effortless salvo at Johnson Democrats was satisfying and true, even more interesting and direct was his dismissal of the current president. The host asked him how he thought Obama had been for the black community. In an era where it sometimes seems as though black Republicans and independents feel obligated to throw their respect behind Barack Obama, Cobb wasted no time taking aim at the first African-American president.

“Well, he pretty much continued with all of the Democratic programs; if anything he’s heightened them. And you can see that African-Americans aren’t doing well. I mean, you talk about the whole thing with minimum wage. Minimum wage goes after young African-American kids because it doesn’t let them in the workforce. We want to put an end to that.”

When the host asked him specifically if he thought Obama had failed the African-American community, Cobb pointed to Chicago. “Look at Chicago and all the killings going on. His guy, Rahm Emanuel, is there in Chicago. Has Chicago improved?” The Windy City, of course, had 170 homicides on the books by the halfway point of the year. That, shockingly, was an improvement over 2013’s numbers. The city has been at a gangland breaking point for several years, and Obama and his cronies have done nothing about it. This is the president’s hometown, so if he can’t help the black community there, it’s no wonder that he hasn’t helped them anywhere else.

There is a strong tendency in the United States for black voters to skew Democrat, often voting directly against their own interests. No, it doesn’t seem like that on the surface. America’s black poor vote Democrat because that’s where the entitlements are. That’s where the food stamps are. To vote otherwise would be akin to irrationality. Right?

Not exactly. While Republicans are often on the hunt to cut entitlements (although not nearly often enough), they represent a kind of American empowerment that has long been lost from the left. The left believes that a poor person is a poor person. They do not believe in upward mobility except in the most rare of cases. Yes, their policies provide a generous safety net, but what their fervent supporters don’t realize is that a net does more than break your fall – it can also entangle.

Hopefully African-American conservatives like Gary Cobb and, on a much more visible scale, Dr. Ben Carson can begin to convince black voters that they have been betrayed.

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