Former NFL Star Wonders What Happened to BLM’s Radical Website Page

In a tweet on Monday, former NFL lineman Marcellus Wiley wondered what happened to the radically-truthful “What We Believe” page that used to have a prominent spot on the official Black Lives Matter website. The page, which chronicled a list of socialist and culturally-destroying things that the organization believes, was always at odds with BLM’s public-facing arguments: That they were just against police violence. But it allowed those who wanted to dig a little deeper to see that Black Lives Matter was far, far more than that.

Wiley, who has been highly critical of BLM over the past few months, noticed Monday that the page was conspicuously absent all of a sudden.

“Heard too many people tell me that I was wrong for misinterpreting BLM’s mission statement and I took their words out of context,” Wiley tweeted. “You were saying???”

In the original page, BLM noted – among other things – that it wanted to dismantle the nuclear family concept in America and move into some sort of ill-defined “community” way of raising children and being a “family.” This concept, which goes against biology, tradition, and what science tells us about what’s best for kids, would have a far more destructive effect on Black America than even the most murderous cop could ever hope to have.

In July, Wiley went on a full-scale rant against the organization and its questionable beliefs.

“I don’t know how many people really look into the mission statement of Black Lives Matter. But I did, and when you look into it, there’s a couple things that jump out at me. And I’m a black man who’s been black and my life has mattered since 1974, and this organization was founded in 2013.  I’m proud of you, but I’ve been fighting this fight for me and for others a lot longer,” he said at the time.

“Two things: my family structure is so vital, important to me.  Not only the one I grew up in but the one I’m trying to create right now,” he continued. “Being a father and a husband, that’s my mission in life right now. How do I reconcile that, what I just told you, with this mission statement that says, ‘We dismantle the patriarchal practice, we disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement.’”

With the deletion of that page, Black Lives Matter is making yet another attempt at mainstreaming itself into the American consciousness. They’ve done an excellent job of that so far, but their thinly-veiled, radical beliefs are getting in the way of more widespread popularity. Make no mistake, though: Those beliefs are still at the core of the organization.

Those beliefs ARE the organization.

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