Freedom Caucus Chairman Has Five Questions for James Comey

In an op-ed for the Washington Examiner this week, House Freedom Caucus Chairman Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) said he had five questions for disgraced former FBI Director James Comey. He challenged Comey to come off the lucrative book circuit and back into the halls of Congress to tell lawmakers why his previous testimony before Congress did not line up with the facts. Those questions include:

Did you and the FBI collude with Attorney General Loretta Lynch to sandbag the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails?

As Meadows notes, Comey denied any coordination when he testified before Congress last summer. However, further evidence makes that claim suspect. “Documents produced to Congress demonstrate the FBI and DOJ met frequently to discuss developments in the investigation,” he writes.

Why didn’t you tell Trump the dossier was paid for by the Clinton campaign?

This question speaks for itself. Comey has said on his book tour that he did not mention to Trump that the dossier would not have existed were it not for money from the Clinton campaign and the DNC. Wouldn’t that be an important revelation to make to the incoming president? “If this briefing on the dossier was truly in the president’s interest,” Meadows writes, “then it’s certainly curious as to why this information was not shared.”

Did you coordinate with James Clapper to leak the dossier to the media?

Now this is one we’d really like to hear Comey answer. From Meadows:

In the January 2017 briefing, Comey told Trump news organizations “like CNN” had the Russian dossier but were looking for a “news hook” to report on it. Remember, while no outlet had published anything on the dossier to that point, it conveniently took less than a week after the briefing for the dossier’s allegations to become public … via CNN.

This raises the question: Did Comey and then-Director of National Intelligence James Clapper work together to organize the dossier briefing for the purpose of giving CNN what they wanted — a “news hook”?

Trump has already slammed Comey as a leaker for his memos, but the content of those memos suggest that he might have been a leaker long before he was fired by the president.

Meadows said he also wanted Comey to explain why he’d never before revealed that his friend Daniel Richman was a “special employee” of the FBI and whether he ever handed those memos to anyone other than Richman.

There’s no doubt that Comey needs to come back to Capitol Hill and answer for his crimes. Meadows’ questions only represent the tip of the iceberg. This guy is a proven charlatan and a fraud, and he needs to be exposed as such. Instead, he’s out there getting rich as a result of his own corruption. It’s a travesty, like so much of what went on in the Obama administration in 2016.


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