Full Mueller Report Confirms It: No Collusion, No Obstruction

The Justice Department released the full (if minimally redacted) report from Special Counsel Robert Mueller on Thursday, and it is already being used by the Democrats and the media in exactly the fashion we expected. Instead of reviewing the report with sobriety and caution, they are cherrypicking the most “damning” sentences from the report, turning them into banner headlines, and doing everything they can to salvage their own destroyed reputations. By doing so, they are not only subjecting this country to more unnecessary division and strife, they are humiliating themselves in the eyes of the public. How far down the tabloid rabbit hole can we go until the people rise up and say: Enough!

Even still, the Democrats got just what they wanted out of this report. They wanted a 448-page document through which they could sift for politically-damaging tidbits they could use in campaign ads, on television, and, if they are so inclined, in their impeachment hearings. We really hope they lose their minds and go this last route, because it will be the worst political mistake in modern history. Trump will be primed for a landslide after he is acquitted in the Senate, and Democrats will look even more foolish than they do on this day. That’s saying something, because they look pretty damn foolish today.

The report lays out the evidence against President Trump and his campaign in painstaking detail. And over and over again, that evidence leads the special counsel to one conclusion: Neither Donald Trump nor anyone associated with his campaign coordinated or colluded with the Russian government’s efforts to meddle in the 2016 election. That’s the end of the so-called “collusion” theory.

The second half of the report shows numerous instances – nearly all of which were already known to the general public – in which President Trump insulted the investigation, called it a witch hunt, and expressed dismay over its ongoing disturbance to his presidency. He “thought the Russia story was developed to undermine the legitimacy of his election,” Mueller writes. But you know what he didn’t do? Take any actions that derailed or otherwise prevented the investigation from moving forward. That’s the end of the “obstruction” charge.

Stripped of their context, there are plenty of stories in the report that Democrats can use to their political advantage. And there are plenty of sentences in the report that the media can use to say, “See, see, we weren’t just making it up as we went along!” But in context, the facts remain the same: President Trump was found innocent of any serious wrongdoing, and it is time for the country to move on.

Unfortunately, from what we’ve seen thus far, there’s very little chance of that happening.

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