Gabbard: Government ‘Driving Wedge’ Between Parents and Their Kids

Tuesday, during an appearance on FNC’s “Hannity,” former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) warned against the Biden administration’s efforts to undermine parental rights and interfere with the values parents were trying to instill in their children.

Gabbard called it “a dangerous thing” and said unelected bureaucrats were threatening the relationship between parents and their children.

“I think anything that gets in the way of parents who love their kids, who want what’s best for their kids, the government getting in the way of they being able to raise their children and impart their values on them is not going to help people electorally, but it is also just further undermining this trend that we’re seeing, Sean, whether it is this issue or Critical Race Theory or education or other things.”

“What we’re seeing is a government increasingly encroaching on this relationship, driving a wedge between parents and their kids and taking away parents’ rights one by one,” Gabbard continued. “This is a dangerous thing. Conservative parents should have the right to raise their kids, impart their values on their kids without fear of the government saying, ‘You’re a bad parent, and because you’re a bad parent, we’re going to take your kids away from you.’”

“And quite frankly, woke parents have the right to do the same,” she added. “They have the right to raise their kids, impart their values to them as well. Unelected government bureaucrats and the government in any way should not be encroaching on this relationship and taking away parents’ rights.”

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