George Soros Throws $125M At 2022 Midterm Elections


Billionaire investor and political activist George Soros, 91, is donating a whopping $125 million to further Democratic candidates and causes ahead of this year’s midterm elections. 

The massive donation went straight to Democracy PAC, a group that for years has functioned as Soros’s spending vehicle. In 2020, Democracy PAC funneled more than $80 million to Democratic groups and candidates. 

Recent donations from the group include:

  • $2.5 million to Senate Majority PAC and $1 million to House Majority PAC (two powerful organizations aligned with the Democratic Party’s congressional leadership)
  • $1 million to the Democratic Association of Secretaries of State (a group responsible for electing Democrats to assist in administering local elections)
  • $1 million to Vote Rev (a group that targets friends and family members of those who participate in elections)
  • $250,000 to BlackPAC (a group dedicated to increasing Black votes)

Soros claims his donations are designed to support pro-democracy candidates regardless of political party, but everyone knows the truth. Soros says he is dedicated to “strengthening the infrastructure of American democracy – voting rights and civic participation, civil rights and liberties, and the rule of law.” 

For him to position himself as a crusader for after cheating in past elections proves he is an evil hypocrite. 

In the words of my colleague Joe Gilbertson, Soros’s behavior is like something straight from Saul Alinsky’s book Rules for Radicals. The book, published in 1971, providers readers with the tools they need to run a movement for change (AKA an insurrection). 

Themes include empowerment of the poor, finding a “common enemy,” and symbol construction for organization. 

Sound familiar? 

A great example here is Alexander Soros’s use of the January 6th incident at the Capitol to incite fury among the masses. Alexander, a son of George Soros who will soon become president of Democracy PAC, described the event as part of Republicans’ ongoing effort to sabotage the electoral process. 

These efforts, he added, are a ‘generational threat to our democracy that can’t be addressed in a single election cycle.’

Experts predict record-breaking spending on this year’s midterm elections through super PACs, which can legally raise any amount of money but are barred from donating directly to a political candidate or campaign.


Soros pours $125M into super PAC ahead of midterms

George Soros pumps $125 MILLION into super PAC his son Alexander will become president of to help Democrats ahead of the midterms: Donation is aimed at aiding ‘pro-democracy’ candidates

  1. Qwerty says

    Little mike Bloomberg spent 330 million to beat trump and still lost so ol’ droopy eyes soreass can lose too!

  2. Anonymous says

    Under what perversion of “freedom” do we allow anyone to influence already corrupt “elected officials” and undermine our country?? HE is paying anti American DA’s to neutralize our laws to the detriment of our society, while paying the so called “law makers” to remain silent. At which point does his anti- American efforts cross the line to treason or subversion so he can be shot and returned to Hungry?? WE are fools to let this continue

  3. Bob says

    We recognize the fact that this prick is pure EVIL and his only real goal is to bring this nation to its knees, but at 91 he better hurry because when he enters the next world, we can only hope the worst intentions of hell will be brought down on him. When as a European Jew, he turned on his own people during WW2 and assisted the Nazis as a teenager to betray the Jewish race, that tells you all anyone needs to know about this piece of crap. Perhaps he fancies himself as a modern day Goldfinger, hoping with the collapse of the American dollar, his gold holdings will go through the roof—only problem is by that time he will be doing his just penance in hell, and he won’t matter anymore. As for his son, what more damage can he do that his old man hasn’t already done?

  4. Anonymous says

    Bless his little heart. Can he buy his way into heaven?

  5. Jolo says

    Take him out

  6. Mike says

    Satan has a special room for George and his puppets Joe,Nancy, and Chuck. Going to be mighty warm in there!

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