George Washington and Abe Lincoln on the Chopping Block in San Francisco

What was it President Trump said in that infamous press conference after the violence in Charlottesville. No, no, not the “fine people on both sides” remark that sent the left into such a tizzy. What did he say about the Robert E. Lee statue? Wasn’t it something along the lines that while today it might be Robert E. Lee, it could be Thomas Jefferson and George Washington tomorrow?

Well, tomorrow has arrived. The Names Advisory Committee of the San Francisco Unified School District has released a new paper in which they list more than a dozen area schools that need to change their names due to the “problematic” men they were named after.

Among those men? George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt.


The San Francisco Chronicle explains:

According to the committee’s assessment of history, Lincoln, who led the North in the Civil War and whose name is on a Sunset District high school, wasn’t a true abolitionist because the Emancipation Proclamation only applied to states attempting to break away from the United States while some slave states remained in the union.

The report also says that Commander-in-Chief Lincoln allowed more than 35 American Indians who took part in an 1862 uprising in the Minnesota and Dakota territories to be hanged.

“Some people who are attached to the historical mythology may want to ignore these facts, but that is being dismissive of the people they impacted,” Names Advisory Committee facilitator Jeremiah Jeffries said.

Boy, if they limit the naming of schools to only men who were perfect and without any controversy whatsoever, they’re going to have a tough go of it. Maybe they should just change every school’s name to San Francisco Learning Center #1-100 and be done with it. At least until the left decides that the word “learning” is offensive to dumb people.

Other names up for removal include Theodore Roosevelt (“opposed civil rights and Black suffrage”), Paul Revere (“settler-colonial history”), Francis Scott Key (“slave owner and wrote pro-slavery verse in national anthem”), and Herbert Hoover, who stands accused of being “accepting of white supremacy,” whatever that means.

The committee’s paper is not a final recommendation, and the names won’t be changed solely on the group’s say-so…but…it’s hard to imagine that the liberals on the school board would publicize the “racist” history of these men and then keep their names on the schools. They’ve committed to a course of action here, and it’s only a matter of time now. At long last, people who died hundreds of years ago will no longer have to be offended by these problematic school names.

Progress! Ain’t it great?

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