Get Ready for President Harris

At 78 years old, Vice President Joe Biden was the oldest person to be inaugurated as a first-term President of the United States.  Even during his cloistered campaign, there were legitimate concerns about his physical and mental well-being. 

The Covid-19 Pandemic played to Biden’s advantage.  It gave him an excuse to avoid energetic public appearances and unscripted interactions with the press and the people.  In addition to his physical stamina and mental acuity, Biden also has a propensity to be an easily provoked pugnacious counterpuncher. 

One is reminded of his calling the young female student a lying “pony soldier,” and his blowing off a reporter asking questions Biden did not like. That personality characteristic re-emerged at the NATO meeting when the unfettered Biden verbally dressed down a CNN reporter.

In previous commentaries, I have speculated that Biden will find it almost impossible to complete four years as President without having some level of medical crisis. I say that because everyone I know near Biden’s age has had a trip to the hospital emergency room for conditions that arose, or worse.

While he was famous for his public gaffes, his recent verbal stumbles seem less like his normal characteristic — that some say is nothing more than a residual of his stuttering condition in his youth — and more like those telling “senior moments.”

Throughout the campaign — and since his election — there were obvious attempts to keep Biden in lockdown, limiting his public appearances — and especially any uncontrolled or unscripted interchanges with the news media.  Had it not been for the Covid-19 Pandemic, keeping Biden away from public exposure might have been impossible — and certainly more difficult.

But more recently, those “senior moments” are of greater concern.  The excuses that they are simply good old Joe may work with younger folks who have never had intimate experiences with serious loss of mental acuity — Alzheimer’s, dementia, etc. — but for those of us who have seen it in friends and loved ones, those excuses seem increasingly disingenuous.

I am not a doctor, but even a layman can draw conclusions by what we see.  If we see a friend suddenly limping, we can deduce that something has happened to his leg.  When a person frequently cannot complete a sentence or loses his or her train of thought — with those long uneasy delays — we can deduce that there is a problem.

The fact that those “senior moments” are coming more frequently and seem more serious suggests that Biden’s problem is advancing — and yes, he does have a problem.

When his memory seems to fail him, Biden fumbles for those “reminder” pieces of paper he withdraws from his suitcoat inner pocket. 

Biden often refers to “others” who will be unhappy if he answers impromptu questions — or he doesn’t say what he is told to say.  All that comes across as a mental crutch.

I think there is no doubt that he is in some trajectory of mental decline. Based on my experience with others in such situations, I have come to the conclusion that Biden will not serve out his four-year term. You can certainly disagree, but that is my opinion.  Time will tell.

So, there ’tis.

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