Gingrich: Clinton’s Russia Accusations Coming Back to Haunt Her

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich wrote this weekend that after all of the blame, allegations, and innuendo from Hillary Clinton, her Russia narrative was now coming back to haunt her. With the revelation that Clinton used her power as Secretary of State to sell out U.S. uranium to Russia in order to help enrichen her family and the double-whammy revelation that her campaign was partially responsible for funding the largely-fictional “dossier” connecting Trump to Russian interests, Gingrich said that the real story of corruption was coming back home to the Clintons at last.

“The Trump-Russia story is meant to serve as a pure distraction aimed at masking real corruption by the Clinton political machine,” Gingrich surmised.

Gingrich, after taking readers on a brief tour of the many allegations now resting on Hillary’s doorstep – her private server, the Russian business donations that flowed into the Clinton Foundation, FBI records showing that a ring of Russian spies were arrested in 2010 after getting too close to the former secretary, and her involvement in the highly-unusual Uranium One deal with the Kremlin – he theorized that America was on the verge “of the greatest corruption scandal in American history.”

“The first thing Congress should do is demand that every single dollar donated to the Clinton Foundation and its charity initiatives be made public to show exactly where the Clintons derived their money,” he wrote. “I suspect there are millions of foreign dollars hidden away in foreign subsidiaries that were never reported in financial disclosures. The truth about the level of foreign donation, influence peddling, and outright corruption involved in the Clinton world could change American politics forever.

“The great irony of all this though, is that the Clintons started the so-called Russian collusion scandal,” he concluded, “and in the end, they may be the ones destroyed by it.”

We’d like to believe that, but the Clintons have consistently proven to be among the slipperiest crooks in the annals of politics, and if anyone can get away with outright treason for the sake of personal enrichment, it’s Slick Willie and his wife. It certainly doesn’t hurt their case to have the entire mainstream media backing them, shielding them from criticism, and downplaying the truly astounding implications of the Uranium One deal. The media is still gung-ho to find Donald Trump’s “smoking gun,” and they show no signs of turning their collective attention to Hillary and friends.

Maybe that will change as more damning evidence comes to light.

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