Giuliani: Hunter Biden Laundered $3 Million Out of Ukraine


As the mainstream media continues to steadfastly deny there was anything wrong with Hunter Biden’s business dealings in Ukraine (or his father’s abuse of power in getting a troublesome Ukrainian prosecutor dismissed before the hammer could come down), Rudy Giuliani dropped a Twitter bombshell on Monday. According to the president’s lawyer, Ukraine used the younger Biden to launder $3 million out of the country and the Obama administration chose to pretend there was nothing wrong with what was right in front of their faces.

“If Dem party doesn’t call for an investigation of Biden’s millions from Ukraine and billions from China, they will own it,” Giuliani warned. “Bidens’ made big money selling public office. How could Obama have allowed this to happen? Will Dems continue to condone and enable this kind of pay-for-play?”

According to Giuliani, facts have emerged that show Hunter Biden having received a payment of $3 million from the Ukraine that was laundered through Latvia and Cyprus before finally landing in Biden’s U.S. bank account. The president’s personal attorney did not elaborate on where he had come by this information, but insisted that corruption prosecutors were blocked when they attempted to investigate the payment.

“Did Obama know that his VP, the one he put in charge of giving billions to Ukraine, had a son who was making millions on the board of one of the most corrupt companies in Ukraine,” Giuliani asked. “Hunter Biden’s boss had stolen $5b from Ukraine and was a fugitive. Did Obama know? Did he approve?”

The Democrats and their cohorts in the media are busying themselves with the monumental effort of turning this into a Trump scandal instead of a Biden one. Of course, they have practice in that respect. While there are very confused critics who say that even mentioning the Biden side of the scandal is tantamount to over-covering the Hillary Clinton email debacle, this presupposes that there was nothing newsworthy about the Clinton emails in the first place. A great many Americans would disagree with that claim.

If the Times, the Post, and the major cable news channels do not bother to investigate the truth behind these Biden claims, it will be the nail in the coffin of objectivity. And if American voters see, once and for all, that the nation’s media is dedicated to taking Trump down and NOT to providing the public with the facts, whatever mild influence the media retains over popular opinion will be forever eradicated.

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