GOP Congressman: “Crazies” Have Taken Over Party

Friday’s shocking announcement from the Capitol brought boisterous cheers from grassroots conservatives everywhere. After four years of ineffective leadership, House Speaker John Boehner was stepping down. The man who mastered the art of lying down in just such a way that Obama’s steamroller went through with as little resistance as possible said he would be leaving at the end of October.

Now, it’s worth noting that Boehner is a good conservative and a good man. Anyone who questions his integrity or his commitment to principle is off the mark. The problem with Boehner came down to his incompetence. At a time when we needed a strong Republican in that position to combat a radical president, we got a politician who couldn’t tell the difference between a Bill Clinton and a Barack Obama. One, your everyday garden-variety Democrat. The other, a dangerous socialist willing to ignore the Constitution whenever convenient. Boehner acknowledged this president’s threat in front of a microphone, but his talk never turned into results.

What else do you do when someone isn’t getting the job done? Ask them to stay on another four years? Of course not. You show them the door, and to hell with whether or not they happen to be a nice guy.

But no, according to Rep. Peter King of New York, Boehner stepping down means that the Republican Party is out of control. “It signals that crazies have taken over the party,” King said. “This has never happened before in our country. Where a person doing a job, the Speaker of the house, was removed from office, by a small faction because they want these unreasonable demands that if you don’t agree with them you shut the government down. This is insanity.”

No, insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. And that’s exactly where we are today. These old-school Republicans are stuck in the past, unwilling to accept how drastically this country has been pulled to the left. Republicans like Senator Ted Cruz, meanwhile, aren’t afraid to face the facts. He’s labeled a “crazy” because he’s one of the few politicians willing to take the damn blindfold off.

This next year is going to be an interesting one. By December 2016, we will know whether or not it’s time to create a true third party to eventually destroy the current GOP. Because as it stands now, they serve almost no purpose. They are reviled by liberals and conservatives alike. If we put another milquetoast pushover in the House leadership and lose to Hillary with another uninspiring moderate, we may as well start from scratch.

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