GOP Leader: Pelosi Should Have Focused on Pandemic, Not Impeachment


In an interview with Fox News’s Sean Hannity on Tuesday night, Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said it was remarkable to hear House Speaker Nancy Pelosi criticize President Trump over his response to the coronavirus, especially considering how distracted the Democrats were with impeachment when the Wuhan flu was tearing up China and threatening the world.

“They were preoccupied with impeachment instead of protecting this country,” McCarthy said. “That’s exactly the only thing they focused upon. And then you watch Nancy Pelosi, I watched her sit there and say those words, and it was very upsetting to me as an American, not as an elected official but as an American.”

McCarthy was referring to remarks Pelosi made on Sunday when she accused the president of delaying action in the face of the threat.

“The president, his denial at the beginning was deadly,” Pelosi said. “The other say when he was signing the bill, he said just think, 20 days ago everything was great. No, everything wasn’t great. We had nearly 500 cases and 17 deaths already. And in that 20 days because we weren’t prepared, we now have 2,000 deaths and 100,000 cases.”

Pelosi didn’t bring up the fact that 20 days ago she was encouraging people to come on down to San Francisco’s Chinatown to hit the shops and restaurants.

“As the president fiddles,” she told CNN’s Jake Tapper, “people are dying.”

McCarthy said it was ironic for Pelosi to say that after holding up the $2 trillion stimulus bill with ridiculous demands that focused more on climate change and identity politics than with the economic strife caused by the coronavirus.

“She restricted any relief from coming unless she could invoke her liberal wish list into reality,” McCarthy said. “She talked about changing election law. She talked about Planned Parenthood. She talked about paying off pensions. This is why she held back, why millions of Americans lost their jobs.

“Remember what her number three said,” noted McCarthy, referring to House Majority Whip James Clyburn, D-S.C. “This is a time to change the scope and the direction of this country into their beliefs – to restructure it, was the actual words.”

It’s also useful to remember that Pelosi and the Democrats stuffed $25 million into the bill for the Kennedy Center, which immediately turned around and laid off the 100 members of the National Orchestra.

Facts are facts, and those facts tell us that Democrats are interested in the coronavirus pandemic for two reasons: One, it gives them another mechanism through which to attack President Trump, and two, it gives them an opportunity to sneakily raise funds for all of their pet causes. If they really cared about saving lives and doing what’s right for the country, they would be standing beside the president and working with him. That they’re doing just the opposite tells you everything you need to know.

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