GOP Leaders Try to Stop Capitol Hill Riot

Nancy Pelosi’s personal Select Committee has selectively leaked a number of communications from Trump allies to White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows as the Capitol Hill demonstration was evolving into a violent riot.

Consistent with Democrats’ and the media’s bogus political narrative, they spun this as evidence that those close to Trump were concerned about the violence and wanted Trump to intervene to stop it asap.  The media then spins that information into a prosecutorial accusation by claiming that the immediate concern was inconsistent with their later “playing down” the riot.  

The latter, of course, is a propaganda lie.  Those on the right – including Republican leaders and officeholders — did not play down the riot – but rejected the Democrat’s specious claim that the riot was a failed insurrection advanced to overthrow the government and install Trump as a dictator— and that the coup plotting is still going on.

The media is filled with people advancing the narrative that what happened on Capitol Hill was an insurrection … sedition … treason … coup attempt – all words used repeatedly.  That, however, is the initial lie upon which they piled the latest lie.

First of all, I have not heard anyone on the Republican side praising the riot – although President Trump, himself, was inconsistent and waffling in his public statements and actions.  It seems from the latest information, everyone else being accused by the left of promoting the attack on the Capitol were concerned and condemning the riot — and subsequently called for the rioters to be prosecuted.  They were repulsed by what they were seeing.

Yes, there were some on social media who thought keeping the rioters in jail without bail was a bit extreme or that they had patriotic motivations – but those of that opinion were small voices amplified for political purposes by the media.  Most references to “patriots” were directed to the peaceful demonstrators –not the rioters.

Ironically, many of those who the left-leaning media accused of supporting the mislabeled insurrection are now shown to have been sending messages to beg President Trump to do what he could to stop the rioting – mainly, give a quick and definitive statement that those rioting were not representing him and that they should cease and desist immediately.

Why it took so long for Trump to issue such a statement is a fair and open question.  But it is clear from all the communications released by the Select Committee that there was no broad-based Republican effort to violently overthrow the government.  

Even Trump’s son, Don, Jr., sent messages to the White House that his dad needed to step in to end the “sh*t” that was going on on Capitol Hill.  And that brings up another interesting point.  On both CNN and MSNBC, the anchors and panelists were fairly consistent in their negative observation that even Don, Jr. had to send the message to Meadows instead of his father.

As is so typical, that was a pure ignorant speculative claim – designed to create more mud for the mudslinger media machine. To his credit, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough slapped down both his partner, Mika Brzezinski, and the shows hoary panelist, Mike Barnicle, for claiming that Don, Jr. had not communicated directly with his father.  “We just do not know whether he did or not,” according to Scarborough.  CNN, however, played that petty propaganda ploy without conscience or correction. As a footnote, you should also keep in mind that Barnicle was kicked off the Boston Globe for making up fake stories in his reporting.  Just saying.

If you remove all the media propaganda fog, you can see the situation much more clearly.  Republicans – and even many non-Republicans – saw a very shameful riot by a lot of people who are allied to President Trump and arguably some “trouble makers.”  Republicans and conservatives – like myself – want to see those who committed crimes of violence on Capitol Hill arrested and tried.  

Where we strongly disagree with those on the left – and all those hyperbolic and partisan media interpretations (spin) – is that the riot was not the touchpoint of a planned or impromptu conspiracy to illegally overthrow the government.  It was never a threat to democracy or an imminent danger to the Republic any more than all those other violent, destructive and deadly riots against the citizens AND government that we saw repeatedly erupt in our major urban centers.

As also in the case of the iconic urban riots, the failure of those in charge of providing adequate protective measures to discourage potential rioters played a major role in the evolution of the riot.  We have consistently seen how riots escalate in size and violence when police are not prepared to engage — or worse are ordered to stand down.  The best way to prevent protests and demonstrations from turning into violent riots is through an overpowering show of force – and swift police action at the first signs of violence.  

A very important part of any investigation of the Capitol Hill riot is finding the answers as to why the Capitol Building had such pathetically poor protection in view of all the advance knowledge and warnings.  The Select Committee claims to be exploring that aspect, but do not expect it to give it much serious consideration – and virtually no consideration by the media.

From all the communications recently leaked or issued by the Select Committee, it is perfectly clear now that there was no grand conspiracy of Trump “people” to overthrow the government in a violent coup.  Quite the contrary.

For some reason, Democrats and their media cronies seem to believe that they have hooked a big fish with this insurrection spin – and fearmongering claims that the Republic was about to turn into another banana Republic.  Such nonsense.  

The left can get its base – those affixed to MSNBC – to believe, or at least parrot, the propaganda, but it seems increasingly clear that the greater majority of the American people are not buying the Democrats’ brand of snake oil.  The test will come in November of 2022, when the people will speak.

So. There ‘tis.

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