GOP Prepares to Investigate Hunter Biden in Anticipation of Midterm Wins! 


Expecting to flip the House in November, Representative James Comer (R-Ky.), who would then be Chairman of the Oversite Committee, says he will be launching investigations into Hunter Biden, COVID, and President Biden’s failure at the border! 

Comer has been the ranking minority member on the committee since mid-2020.

While he will have to wait until he has the chairman’s gavel officially in hand to call hearings on those topics, Republican investigations have already started. 

“We’re ready to go in January. I mean, we are ready to go,” Comer said in an interview last week, praising the GOP staff and investigators on the Oversight and Reform Committee. 

Committee Republicans have already been pouring through a copy of Hunter Biden’s laptop hard drive. Earlier this year, Comer and Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), the ranking member on the House Judiciary Committee, released the contents of redacted portions of emails between Anthony Fauci and other top public health officials discussing the possibility of the COVID-19 virus originating in the Wuhan lab. 

Comer has also made multiple trips to the border with Oversight Republicans.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), who is aiming to become Speaker if Republicans win control of the chamber – as is expected – is crafting a list of items that the House GOP wants to advance, calling it a “Commitment to America.” But even if Republicans also win control of the Senate, President Biden will remain in office, making it unlikely that conservative legislation would become law in the next Congress. 

That means investigatory actions will be some of the most potent tools for a House GOP majority. 

But despite similar accusations from McCarthy and other ranking GOP members about the January 6 committee, Comer insisted that his investigation into the president’s son “isn’t a political witch hunt.”

“We fear that several of the decisions that Joe Biden has made that were bad decisions for the American people were made because of being compromised, because of Hunter Biden’s shady business dealings,” Comer said.

Comer has teased that he is “pretty certain” that President Biden did have knowledge of his son’s business associates and involvement with his finances and bank accounts, contrary to what the president himself has said.

He pointed to an alleged email from a Hunter Biden associate directing President Biden’s tax refund to Hunter. Comer has also asked Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen whether a Russian oligarch was left off a sanctions list due to a connection to Hunter Biden. 

“Hunter Biden is a national security risk. That’s why he’s a priority for the Oversight Committee,” Comer said.

  1. Gloria Klimek says

    Is Hunter Biden running for office in November? It sure sounds like it.

    1. Fred says

      No one is even remotely suggesting that he is. Are you off your meds?

      1. George says

        Hunter would be a perfect replacement for old Jo. He’s dirty, a druggy, most likely a pedophile.

  2. David Schumacher says

    Great, let’s just broadcast our Intentions to every one. Just shut up and govern.

  3. John J Romer says

    The Bidens are as crooked as a day is long They both need to be held accountable and sent to prison.

  4. Paul Fouche says

    Its about time the GPO fights back with legal investigations, criminal charges and removal from office all those left wing Democrat labels. The swamp is full, get some changes made and make them stick. GOP action now will ensure a full GOP Government in 2024. Setbacks will only cause distrust of all elected officials. Stop waiting when you fine guilt in a government offical, charge them immediately. This wil;l bring trust back to the people.

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