GOP Voters Feel Abandoned by Washington

According to a new poll from CNN, 53 percent of Republican voters feel that their views are not well represented by elected officials in Washington D.C. Americans sneering at Capitol Hill is an age-old pastime, but the remarkable thing here is the disparity. Republican discontent with Washington is far higher than it is with Democrats or the overall voting public. Conservatives are uniquely dissatisfied with the state of American politics, and this discontent is probably responsible for the shocking developments in the GOP primary race.

If you went back six months and told Rush Limbaugh that Donald Trump would emerge as the Republican frontrunner for 2016, he would have thrown you out of the EIB studios. No one saw this coming. But it has happened, and it has happened for one reason only: because Republican voters are pissed off at the way their party has laid down for Obama for the last six and a half years. There is such seething anger among conservatives that Trump survived what appeared to be a major blunder when he attacked John McCain’s status as a war hero. Trump supporters and opponents alike denounced the criticism, but he remains at the top of the polls nonetheless. That’s how betrayed the voters feel.

Donald Trump is the effect, not the cause. If he costs Republicans the White House, the party will have no one to blame but themselves. If it weren’t for a clear pattern of surrender coming from Republican leaders like John Boehner and Mitch McConnell, voters would not be so entranced by Trump. The base was excited after the huge win last November. Finally, Obama’s agenda would be stopped in its tracks. Well, it didn’t take long for the air to come seeping out of that balloon. Now the establishment wants to take potshots at Trump? Nah, you had your chance. Now we’re doing something different. Get on board or get the hell out of the way.

Conservatives recognize that we are too far gone to replace Obama with a weak RINO. That might have worked in 2012, but it’s not going to work in 2016. After eight years of Obamacare, amnesty, irresponsible deals with Iran, ISIS, skyrocketing debt, and a sluggish economy, we need someone at the helm who knows what needs to be done. We need someone who can turn this ship 180 degrees, and very few candidates are promising anything of the kind.

This election is proving to be one of the most interesting in modern times. It’s not just about the future of the country. It’s about the future of the Republican Party. It’s about making a stand for conservatism. It’s about giving red state Americans a voice in Washington once again. Unvarnished, dangerous liberalism has taken root in the GOP, and we are going to have to weed it out.

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