Grandfather and Grandson Involved in Indecency in Christmas Ad

J&B Blended Scotch Whisky commercial from Spain is “bringing people to tears with its message of love and acceptance,” Today reported.

The description of the ad on YouTube — via Google Translate — reads, “At J&B we want everyone to be able to celebrate at Christmas, without anyone being left out. But, sadly, on these dates, many people from the LGTBIQ+ collective feel uncomfortable or rejected in their own families and cannot celebrate with them. For this reason, we have made this Christmas story starring a grandfather and his family.”

What are the details?

The ad begins with the grandfather trying to learn how to apply makeup to his face without his wife finding out as a version of the song “She” plays in the background, Today noted.

After multiple attempts, Today said the grandfather finally “studies himself in the mirror, sporting a full face of expertly applied makeup.”

“At first, it seems like the commercial is about the grandfather exploring his own identity — but then comes the emotional twist,” Today continued.

Family members soon arrive at the grandparents’ house for Christmas dinner — including 26-year-old “Alvaro.”

The grandfather motions for Alvaro to come with him — and the pair enter a bathroom, after which the grandfather locks the door.

With that, the grandfather “uses his newfound makeup skills to lovingly transform his grandchild’s look, applying a beautiful, bold red lip, blush and winged eyeliner,” Today said.

Finally, Alvaro and the grandfather emerge from the bathroom — and “Alvaro” has become “Ana” and is “appearing to come out to the family as transgender,” Today added.

“The family is surprised at first, but a second later, Ana’s mother stands and embraces her, moved to tears, and the rest of the family looks on with love and approval,” Today said in its description of the commercial.

The ad’s only clear connection to J&B is a shot at the end showing a bottle on the dinner table along with family members drinking it.

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