Grieving Father to Obama – “Illegal Immigration is Not a Victimless Crime”

Drew Rosenberg was riding his motorcycle in November of 2010, making his way through the streets of San Francisco. Only 25 years old, the last thing on Drew’s mind was that he was living out the last minutes of his life. As he crossed an intersection that fateful night, however, he was struck by a car and killed. The driver turned out to be an unlicensed, undocumented man named Robert Galo. Drew, a law student, had met his fate at the hands of an illegal immigrant.

Now Drew’s father, Don Rosenberg, wants President Obama to visit his son’s grave before making any decisions about immigration. Last month the grieving father sent the president a letter, reasoning that his son might still be alive today if the federal government deported illegal aliens who ran afoul of the law. “Illegal immigration is not a victimless crime,” Rosenberg wrote.

The letter comes at a time when Obama is weighing his political options when it comes to the subject. He is expected to once again make an executive decision regarding the thousands of underage illegal immigrants who have come across the border in the past year. That decision is widely expected to be in their favor, halting deportations in favor of assimilating the immigrants into American society. He is on record saying that it is more important to keep families together than it is to unburden ourselves of the strain illegal immigrants put on the system.

In his rebuttal, Rosenberg thinks it’s time to start thinking about American families for a change. The actions of these illegal immigrants – many of them with criminal pasts – can tear apart innocent bystanders. Americans have enough to worry about when it comes to crime from their fellow citizens.

“Before you illegally say, ‘Welcome to America’ to those who have caused so much pain and suffering, on your next trip to California let me take you to Drew’s grave, and you tell him this is the right thing to do,” Rosenberg said in the letter.

What’s amazing is that all of this comes from a man who has described himself as a “lifelong, very liberal Democrat.” As many liberals learn when they have to face the real world, that Democrat fantasy of everyone getting along in harmony simply doesn’t hold up. Once liberals get a taste of real-world violence and misery, it’s very hard to go back in to the voting booth and pull the lever for the same pie-in-the-sky politicians.

There’s no indication that the president has read Rosenberg’s letter or that he is even familiar with the story. Right now, Obama is trying to delay his decisions regarding immigration until after the midterm elections. But for people like Rosenberg who have been directly hurt by America’s failure to protect the borders, it’s not about politics. It’s about what’s right.


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