Gun Control Activists Want Allies to Stop Saying These Two Words

Americans for Responsible Solutions, the super PAC set up by Gabrielle Giffords in 2012, just released a new PDF aimed at giving gun control activists some tips on achieving their goals. In addition to the usual slew of false statistics and nonsensical arguments, the document contains a list of “Dos and Don’ts” for gun-grabbers to use when discussing the issue. The very first term to be avoided?

“Gun control.”

Instead, ARS recommends framing the discussion around “reducing crime, reducing gun violence, gun violence prevention, or preventing gun tragedies.”

Enemies of the Second Amendment aren’t just advised to drop “gun control” from their vocabulary, they are also encouraged to stop attacking the National Rifle Association by name. “Attack the gun lobby,” instructs the PDF. Apparently, these groups are getting stymied by the country’s ongoing fondness for the NRA. And if President Obama couldn’t vilify that organization after eight dedicated years, it’s not going to happen. You’ve got to give it to these activists; at least they recognize a failing political strategy when they see one.

They have also noticed how they are viewed by most gun owners. “Don’t talk about creating a national gun registry, or banning or confiscating guns – none of which are policy priorities or have widespread support among gun violence prevention organizations.”

Well, see, that’s the problem. We know those aren’t the stated goals. We know those aren’t the immediate priorities. But we also know that none of this will end with the so-called “commonsense” laws you’re proposing today. Those laws will do nothing to curb gun fatalities or bring mass shootings to an end. When they fail, ARS and other gun control groups will move their pawns a little farther down the board. We’ll hear all about the “loopholes” that must be closed – the left’s favorite way to propose new legislation. Progressives don’t ever look at a situation and say, “OK, we did it, now let’s go home.” Even if they legitimately do not favor confiscation today, there’s no other place for this movement to go. Left unopposed, that’s exactly where they’ll take us.

These shifts in language are nothing new for leftist organizations. They engage in this propaganda overhaul every time their messaging begins to fail. Pro-abortion? No, now we’re pro-choice! Illegal immigrants? Blech! We’re calling them undocumented workers! These changes don’t have anything to do with protecting anyone’s feelings; they are designed to deceive Americans into supporting things that no sensible person would ever support. The trick is to wrap terrible ideas in so many layers of impenetrable nonsense that voters will be too confused to realize they’re being misled.

Watch Democrats closely over the coming weeks and months. If this PDF is anything to go by, they’re getting ready to embark on a new phase in the war against the Second Amendment. We can’t stop them from changing their language, but we can at least keep them from changing ours.

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