Gun Control Loonies Go After Apple Emojis

May you live in interesting times. It’s a saying of disputed origin, sometimes seen as both a curse and a blessing. But what the phrase doesn’t indicate is what kind of interesting times the speaker is wishing on the listener. After all, there’s a big difference in the “interesting” events that forged this nation and the “interesting” machinations of the left in 2015. Boy is there.

Gun grabbing liberals have played so many questionable hands over the last two decades that it’s hard to get surprised anymore. But they proved this week that they can still plumb new depths when they put their collective brain cells to work. The latest object of their scorn? Apple’s gun-shaped emoji, available on the iPhone.

Oh, come on, Fix This Nation. Who cares what a handful of Twitter users are up in arms about? You can’t expect us to get outraged about every miniscule movement on the left!

Come back, skeptical reader. This is no miniscule movement. This is a group called New Yorkers Against Gun Violence, and they are launching a serious national campaign to get Apple to remove this emoji. On their website, you can read an open letter they’ve written to the company. An excerpt:

We realized that many Americans unknowingly carry a gun with them every day. The one that was given to them without a background check: the gun emoji.

We ask that you stand with the American people and remove the gun emoji from all your products as a symbolic gesture to limit gun accessibility.

And so begins the Disarm the iPhone movement. Leah Barrett, the executive director of NYAGV, said, “The iPhone is ubiquitous. Guns are on the iPhone as an option. We thought this was a way to bring attention to the issue.”

Barrett, in case you were wondering, is not a 15-year-old girl. That’s important to clarify, because it doesn’t seem possible that an adult would champion such a ridiculous cause. But there you go.

What’s Next?

If these liberals successfully banish the gun emoji, where will they turn their attention next? Is this the ultimate example of leftist silliness or can they stoop lower? Should the iPhone’s autocorrect change the word “gun” to something more benign? Should we change the word gun itself into something more fitting? Handheld Death Machine has a nice ring to it, if a little wordy.

Today’s liberals long for those “interesting times” they missed. They are desperate to recreate the 1960s. Unfortunately, they have no causes of comparable weight. So they make them up. The great emoji battle of 2015 is unlikely to be memorialized in the films of tomorrow, but it’s apparently the best they can come up with. It’s sad, really. Pity these people.

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