Guns Save Lives: 14-Year-Old Protects His Family


If you’re a gun control activist looking for doors to knock on, you might want to stay away from the Mason residence in North Las Vegas. After what 14-year-old Andrew Mason did to protect his younger siblings, they probably aren’t going to be in the mood.

On August 19, two criminals began working their way through the Mason’s front door. The parents were away, leaving Andrew in charge of his sister and brother, both just six years old. But as will quickly become obvious, the eldest Mason sibling is no ordinary 14-year-old. He surmised the situation for what it was, herded his siblings into a closet, and loaded his .22LR rifle. There, he waited while the home invaders looted his home.

At long last, the burglars came to the closet. They opened it up to see Andrew pointing the barrel of the rifle right in their faces. Apparently deciding that discretion was the better part of dishonor, the criminals fled. Security cameras on the property were later used to identify the invaders, allowing Las Vegas authorities to put them behind bars.

“He’s excellent,” said Andrew’s father, Kiewa Mason. “He did everything perfectly. Couldn’t have done better, and he’s actually a hero.”

One might expect a father to talk that way about his son, but this is one instance where it’s not just familial hyperbole. Andrew Mason is undeniably a hero, and his ability to stay calm in such a terrifying situation speaks to a young man who has a bright future ahead. Not only that, it shows you a father who has not neglected his role as protector. Even in his absence, Kiewa Mason made sure that his family was ready for the worst.

“I believe in the right to bear arms,” the elder Mason said, “and it’s not like he was foreign to it. We go to the shooting range quite often.” He told a local news affiliate that this was a scenario he had practiced with his family.

Guns Save

There are occasions when activists on both sides of the gun control debate fly off into such outrageous arguments that you have to just roll your eyes. There’s a lot of paranoia among the gun-rights people, fueled by the level of insane hysteria on the part of the anti-gun folks.

But when you see a story like this, you remember what it’s all about. This isn’t about some crazy theory about the U.S. military taking over small town America. It isn’t about whether or not you can take your damn gun into the damn Chipotle. It’s about whether or not you have the right to protect your home and family from criminals. Yes or no? And if the answer is yes, then everything else falls into place. Then we can relax and have a reasonable discussion about gun control. And unfortunately, far too many liberals can’t answer that question in the affirmative.

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