Half a Million Christians Vow to Boycott Target

At long last, American Christians have remembered the first, best rule of grassroots political strategy: If you can’t beat them at the polls, beat them at the cash register. And with corporations colluding with Democrats to thwart religious freedom and democracy all across the country, there is no better time for an economic boycott than right now.

The American Family Association has collected more than 500,000 signatures from Christians and conservatives who strongly oppose Target and their stance on transgender rights. Last week, the national retailer announced that the company encouraged “transgender team members and guests to use the restroom or fitting room facility that corresponds with their gender identity.”

Target has also been one of many corporations to pressure states like North Carolina and Mississippi to cancel religious freedom protections. But if the signatures collected by the AFA translate into real action, the company may regret wading so blatantly into social politics. This entire LGBT movement is entirely uncontroversial in New York City, San Francisco, and other liberal hotspots, but the mood is not quite the same when you dive back into the real world. Many conservatives are disgusted by the trends, disgusted by the elites imposing their values on small-town America, and disgusted by corporations that favor perverts over their own customer base.

But contrary to what the liberals say, this isn’t about personal disgust. No one is trying to take away a transgender person’s right to go to the damn bathroom. If you feel like a woman today, fine. Dress however you want, act however you want. But when the rubber meets the road, we are not obligated to recognize your psychological distress as though it has some basis in biology. We don’t let thirty-year-olds go to Kindergarten just because they feel childlike inside. You want to spend your days playing with Legos and coloring? Hey, that’s your business. You want us all to pretend like your decision to live as a child is valid and noble? Eh, not gonna happen.

And that’s really what’s happening here. We’re not just supposed to “tolerate” these bizarre lifestyle choices; we’re expected to institutionalize them. Today, we’re letting men use the women’s room. Okay. What about tomorrow? The sky’s the limit. The imagination boggles to conceive of what manufactured social issue the left with embrace next.

This trend can be stopped, but only if we turn rhetoric into action.


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