Hanoi Jane Fonda on Kavanaugh: He Will Be a “Catastrophe”

Speaking in Washington to a coalition calling themselves “Unstoppable Women Workers,” Hollywood actress Jane Fonda said that confirming Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court would be nothing less than a disaster for women and the rights of workers.

“I think it will be a catastrophe, frankly, if this nomination goes through, for everyone and our children and unfortunately our grandchildren,” the actress once known as Hanoi Jane told the collective. “Look, women’s rights, worker’s rights will be shunted to the side and that’s just the beginning. It will be a catastrophe.

Anyone familiar with Fonda’s background will not be surprised to find her in the nation’s capital preaching a version of socialism-lite; since her early days in the spotlight, she has proven herself to be one of this country’s most high-profile enemies of capitalism and American democracy. The irony, of course, being that in her marriage to Ted Turner and her own Hollywood career, she benefited more from capitalism than most Americans ever will. We won’t even get into her treasonous “mistake” in Vietnam, of which reams have been written over the years.

In calling for the defeat of Kavanaugh, Fonda hearkened back to one of her most famous movie roles.

“If we made another ‘9 to 5’ today, it would be very different because the offices today are not the same,” Fonda said. “There are contract workers now who have no benefits or protections at all.”

Forgive us if we don’t remember the plot of “9 to 5” correctly, but don’t Fonda, Dolly Parton, and Lily Tomlin team up to kidnap their boss and hold him hostage for a period of days? We haven’t checked the latest private union contracts in a while, but we’re pretty sure that would be grounds for termination no matter what power we hand to the proletariat.

Union-supporting leftists are of course steaming mad about a decision handed down by the Supreme Court in the latest term which made it illegal for public-sector unions to collect fees from non-members working in the federal government. The cries of hysteria could be heard from sea to shining sea; how will unions survive if they can’t bilk non-members out of dues? The central unfairness of such a scam is ignored by the left. Perhaps because unions are among the biggest donors to the Democratic Party.


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