Harvard: No More Single-Gender Clubs (Except for Women)

Harvard University, desperate to be on the frontlines of the latest trends in social justice, decided last year that it would no longer allow sororities, fraternities, or any other sponsored student organizations to exclude the other gender(s). No more male-only frats, no more female-only sororities, no more girls’ clubs, etc. It was a new day in a new world, and they were just going to put all genders together. After all, where are the clubs for trans-fluid-gender-queer-fish-people? You have to take everyone into consideration, guyz!

The esteemed university finally implemented the ban last week…with one small change. In response to a significant outpouring of opposition from feminists, only male-centered clubs will be banned from campus. So single-gender organizations are no longer allowed at Harvard, with a small exception for one half of the gender spectrum. This is social justice, 2018-style.

Feminists were initially all for the ban and were thrilled to realize that the MALE leaders of MALE organizations would be subject to academic and financial penalties if they did not begin including women in their little clubs. But they were not happy when Harvard tried to use the “good for the goose, good for the gander” approach. After all, this was supposed to be a way to punish the privileged, and no one can seriously argue that a female is EVER privileged, particularly not one who attends one of the most expensive, elite colleges in the Western Hemisphere.

Harvard ultimately relented, as these universities are wont to do when faced with any kind of SJW pressure, and allowed the female-only clubs to continue for what’s being termed a “grace period” of five years. Wow, that’s a hell of a grace period. Incidentally, the policy will come up for review around that exact time, so something tells us there will not soon come a day when Harvard women are forced to let men into their secret sororities.

Which is fine! Why can’t that be fine, the way it’s been fine for a hundred years? Is it so wrong all of a sudden that men and women have their separate spaces – places they can go where the burdens and problems and entanglements of attraction aren’t getting in the way of everything else? What’s not fine is acting like it’s a horrible, outdated thing to have male-only groups while it’s perfectly okay for women to lock themselves in their exclusive towers. That’s the very definition of a sexist policy.

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