Here’s Exactly Why Democrats Own This Shutdown Outright


On Thursday, two more attempts to end the government shutdown failed in the Senate. The Democrats own this shutdown from top the bottom. Why? Because they have decided, under the “leadership” of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, to reject multiple overtures from Republicans and the Trump White House. For all of their sad-songing about the furloughed federal workers, THEY are the ones prolonging their misery.

As has been reported several times, the shutdown itself has already cost U.S. taxpayers more money than Trump is asking for to build the wall. That removes ANY fiscal logic whatsoever from the Democratic book of excuses. Not that anyone ever believed this had anything to do with fiscal responsibility in the first place. Are you kidding? Democrats would spend $10 billion to avoid building the wall. This is about politics, plain and simple. Politics and a firm belief on the part of Democratic Party radicals that it is “immoral” to protect this nation’s borders.

Their efforts to end the shutdown have amounted to this: Telling President Trump to end the shutdown.

That’s it. That’s all they’ve been willing to do.

In the meantime, they have rejected Trump’s call to pony up $5.7 billion for the wall. They have rejected Trump’s reasonable compromise: $2.5 billion for the wall. They have rejected Trump’s willingness to forego the concrete wall upon which his campaign promise was hinged and accept a steel fence of slats that more closely resembles barriers that Democrats have funded before. Still, the Democrats said they would not negotiate until Trump opened up the government. So Trump said, okay, if I open up the government, will you ultimately fund the wall? Pelosi said absolutely not. Finally, Trump came to the table with such an honest compromise that many immigration hardliners felt betrayed: Extended protections for Dreamers and TPS workers in exchange for the original $5.7 billion. Pelosi rejected the offer before Trump even announced it.

This is not a negotiation. This is not governance. This is Nancy Pelosi playing to the Democrat base and holding on to (fading) hope that the shutdown will be worse for Trump and the Republicans than it will be for them. There was a time, a couple of weeks ago, when that gamble made a certain amount of political sense. But now that Americans are beginning to understand that there is NOTHING (short of complete surrender) that Trump can do to win the Democrats’ votes, that calculation may start changing fast.

By the time the Democrats realize they played themselves, it may be too late for them to recover from the damage.

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