Hillary Brings Fake Accent and Fake Issues to SC


Hillary Clinton brought her campaign to South Carolina this week, playing on a couple of old fictions that we will likely hear again and again as she makes her bid for the White House. The first of these fictions, as pointed out by James Rosen on The Kelly File last night, was her accent.

“Maybe the trigger,” Rosen said, “was the purportedly unscheduled stop at Kiki’s Chicken and Waffles in a strip mall outside of downtown Columbia, South Carolina.” He lampooned the former secretary of state for putting on her “patented” southern accent to speak with the Democratic Women’s caucus.

But her accent wasn’t the only bit of phoniness that Clinton dragged out for the women. She made it clear once again that the gender pay gap is going to be a major component of her campaign. “What century are they living in?” she asked, referring to Republicans like Scott Walker and Marco Rubio who have opposed legislation meant to solve wage inequality. The question, of course, was met with enthusiastic applause.

It was not met quite so enthusiastically by the Republican National Committee. Spokeswoman Allison Moore said Clinton could not escape her own hypocrisy on this issue, having paid women “significantly less than men” when working as a senator in New York.

That hypocrisy aside, the wage gap is a myth that Democrats use to paint Republicans as heartless men who want to keep women down. Nothing could be further from the truth. We’ve done all we can do, legislatively, to level the playing field. Any more interference will only wreck the wall between government and private enterprise. It will not be in service of wage equality; it will be in service of female superiority.

There may be a small wage gap, but discrimination is not to blame. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, women make 95 cents for every dollar a man makes…when they are single. In other words, when women aren’t leaving the work place to raise children and build their families, the difference between the genders is all but negligible. Women are less likely to pursue fields that pay more, less likely to ask for promotions, and less likely to put in the hours it takes to rise to the top. If there are social implications to this, fine. But fixing those problems is not the job of the president. That’s a job for activists who want to spread the gospel of feminism. If that’s all Hillary Clinton has to offer, then she is not qualified to occupy the White House.

Of course, she doesn’t just want to tell young girls that they can be anything they want to be. She wants to go in and “fix” the law. She wants to force employers to give preferential treatment to women at the expense of their own businesses. She wants to enact legislation that looks a lot like affirmative action.

If Hillary wants to use a fake accent to endear herself to southerners, that’s her business. If she wants to use fake statistics to win the White House, though, Republicans need to call her out on it every time they get the chance.

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