Hillary Clinton Accepts Russian Sanction “Award”


Earlier this week authoritarian leader and Russian President Vladimir Putin, 69, and the Russian Foreign Ministry called for sanctions on some of America’s well-known leaders and persons of influence. 

According to the statement, “In response to a series of unprecedented sanctions prohibiting, among other things, entry into the United States for top officials of the Russian Federation, from March 15 of this year, the Russian ‘stop list’ includes on the basis of reciprocity President J. Biden, Secretary of State A. Blinken, Secretary of Defense L. Austin and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff M. Milley, as well as a number of department heads and prominent US figures.”

The Russian Foreign Ministry statement goes on to say “At the same time, we do not refuse to maintain official relations if they meet our national interests, and, if necessary, we will solve problems arising from the status of persons who appear on the ‘black list’ in order to organize high-level contacts.”

President Biden was named on Putin’s list along with Hillary Clinton former Secretary of State and First Lady. Also listed was Hunter Biden, President Biden’s son who lost his way for a little while but still managed to intertwine with mineral mines and manage large influential political deals (no, not through the sales of his paintings). 

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Here is the full list of people who were recently sanctioned by Russia:

  1. President Joe Biden
  2. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken
  3. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin
  4. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley
  5. White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan
  6. CIA Director Bill Burns
  7. White House press secretary Jen Psaki
  8. Deputy national security adviser Daleep Singh
  9. Influencer Hunter Biden
  10. Former Secretary of State and influencer Hillary Clinton
  11. USAID Director Samantha Power
  12. Deputy Treasury Secretary Adewale Adeyemo
  13. Export-Import Bank Chairman Reta Jo Lewis

Former First Lady Clinton, 74, did not seem to take the matter seriously, and instead responded with a thank you note to Putin on Twitter, the left’s go-to social media conglomerate.  

I want to thank the Russian Academy for this Lifetime Achievement Award.

At this time it is unknown why Donald Trump or Bill Clinton did not make the cut for Russian sanctions.

According to the new Russian sanctions, the people listed are currently barred from visiting Russia, and if they have any assets currently in Russia they will be frozen. 

In addition to this week’s sanctions to well-known Americans, Russia announced comparable actions towards 313 Canadians, which includes controversial leader Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and several of his ministers.

The energy between Moscow and Washington hasn’t been as combative since the Cold War.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry also said that it will sanction more U.S. military leaders, officials, members of the media, and lawmakers who are critical of the country. 

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    he forgot barrack in the list and nancy and a few more,
    they made their money on evil demonic business that only hurt the taxpayers,
    keep the accounts frozen like siberia

  2. Human says

    It won’t help Hillary at all but nice try. She and the sexual predator husband of hers spent their time during Vietnam hanging out with the young communists in soviet union. She’s an embarrassment to our nation not to mention over a dozen former body guards dying of suspicious causes including one that “shot themselves in the head twice” and one that “shot themselves in the back of the head”. Let’s not forget multiple business partners that died of “suicide” whilst being investigated. Or perhaps the 100 plus who died in Bengazi while Hillary’s emails on that very subject disappeared and has yet to be provided to investigators. We still have yet to hear about the findings on the “Russian collusion hoax” This broad is an absolute criminal with apparent killer tendencies though not one thing has stuck. I very seriously doubt anyone would want a person like this running our country.

  3. Stacie says

    Hillary needs to be locked up! LOCK HER UP

  4. Gerry says

    She is a phony as she is old !!!!! Her reaction is known as “false bravado” !!!!!!

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