Hillary Clinton’s Desperate Defense Strategy

A research group called Correct the Record is splitting away from parent group American Bridge 21st Century, registering with the Federal Election Commission as a singular super PAC. Correct the Record has been in charge of defense for Hillary Clinton and other top Democrats, but it is restructuring now so that it can devote its full arsenal to protecting her campaign.

Brad Woodhouse, president of American Bridge, will take leave of that organization to act as president of Correct the Record for the foreseeable future. He said that the mission would now be “aggressively responding to false attacks and misstatements of the Secretary’s exemplary record.”

Their first order of business may be to defend the move itself. The Republican National Committee released a statement which said, “Hillary Clinton is taking her hypocrisy on money in politics to interesting new heights, directly linking her campaign to a super PAC whose sole purpose is to play defense.”

The move certainly signifies that Clinton is aware that she is facing a monster she can’t simply ignore. The questions surrounding foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation are not going away, despite the fact that she is unwilling to answer them. There is also the matter of her private email server, a subject that has cooled in recent weeks but could easily resurface at any time. Finally, there is Benghazi, the albatross that Clinton has been unable to wrest from her neck.

Clinton and the Democrats see these issues as distractions, and that will be their defense when it comes to aligning their campaign with a super PAC. They will insist that such a move is warranted when they are being hit with right-wing conspiracy theories every time they turn around. How is a candidate supposed to talk about the future of America when she is constantly barraged by this kind of nonsense?

Of course, voters paying any attention at all will be able to see through this excuse. It doesn’t take that long to sit down for an interview. No, a candidate can’t spend all their time answering attacks, but what about a half hour? What about five minutes? Clinton, so far, has been unable to spare even a moment to seriously answer the allegations being thrown at her.

That might be okay if the allegations were of little substance. Clinton could play the “I won’t dignify that with a response” card and get back on track. Unfortunately for her, the Clinton Cash book causing her so much strife makes some fairly damning connections. No, there is no smoking gun, but there is certainly a dead body that needs to be explained. Correct the Record’s job, apparently, will be to keep people from asking for that explanation.

Maybe it’s not money in politics that’s the problem; maybe it’s politicians hiding behind that money instead of being forthright with the American people.

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