Hillary Says Trump “Most Dangerous” Candidate in History


In an attempt to steal the spotlight away from Donald Trump’s grand moment in Cleveland, Hillary Clinton sat down with CBS’s Charlie Rose on Monday and launched some fiery invective at the Republican nominee.

Trump, she said, had “no self-discipline, no self-control, no sense of history, no understanding of the limits of the kind of power that any president should impose upon himself.”

Well that’s certainly a mouthful coming from Hillary Clinton, a former top cabinet member of the Barack Obama administration. No understanding of the limits…are you serious? After eight years of constant constitutional violations perpetrated by this president, she has the nerve to say that Trump is confused about the powers of the executive branch? If he is, it’s probably from watching Obama.

No self-discipline? This, from the wife of Bill Clinton? The man who made a mockery of the presidency through his own regrettable lack of self-control. But yet, he’s regarded as a bright star of Democratic political history, so apparently those virtues are only important in certain instances.

“What he has laid out is the most dangerous, reckless approach to being president that I think we’ve ever seen,” she said.

“The most dangerous man ever to run for president of the United States?” asked Rose.

“I believe that,” said Clinton.

Asked to explain why Trump was running neck and neck with her if he was so clearly unqualified to be president, Clinton said that the billionaire was exploiting uncertainty.

“There is a lot of fear in our country,” she said. “And when Americans are worried, they’re looking for answers. He’s providing simplistic, easy answers.”

Well, it’s not that he’s providing simplistic answers; it’s that he’s willing to provide answers at all. Between Hillary and Obama, we can not always be sure that they have even heard the questions. And it’s their policies – and those of their party – that have created many of the problems to which Trump is providing answers. It’s not that Hillary’s answers are more nuanced; her answers are to questions that no one is asking.

The examples of Hillary Clinton’s poor judgement are numerous, and this interview gives us another good one. In a year where she just finished beating out an avowed socialist to win the Democratic nomination, she is calling Trump the most dangerous presidential candidate in history. By any rational account, he’s not even the most dangerous man to run this year.

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