Hillary’s Biggest Weaknesses, as Seen by Hillary

Want to know where Hillary Clinton’s campaign felt she was weak? An email exposed by WikiLeaks shows the content of a “vulnerabilities poll” the campaign ran last March. The poll, conducted by Anzalone Liszt Grove Research, listed “positions Hillary Clinton has taken, and things she has done” to see what Iowa voters thought about them. Would they make them “more likely or less likely” to cast their vote for the former secretary of state?

Through the list, we get a glimpse of where Hillary’s head was at last year before her private server came to light and rearranged her entire campaign strategy.

Here’s a sample of Hillary’s biggest weaknesses, as compiled by the candidate’s inner circle:

“Didn’t protect the U.S. diplomats in Benghazi, Libya who were killed by terrorists”

No surprise there; the specter of Benghazi has been hanging over Clinton’s head since the attacks and it was a sure bet that Republicans would hammer her on it throughout the election.

“Didn’t recognize major terrorist threats until it was too late when she was Secretary of State, like ISIS in Iraq and Boko Haram in Nigeria”

Another gimme. It’s funny, though, that she already realized that while “secretary of state” was her biggest accomplishment, it also opened her up to the most damning criticisms. That, of course, would only become more clear when the private server mess hit the papers.

“Says she supports equal pay for women, but in her own Senate office only paid women seventy two cents on the dollar compared to men”

Too funny.

“Says she’s not truly well off even though she and Bill Clinton have made over one hundred twenty million dollars”

That certainly does nothing to improve her likability, although the source of that wealth is the bigger problem. Their paid speeches – questionable enough on their own – don’t quite tell the whole tale.

“Supports Barack Obama’s policy of amnesty for illegal immigrants”

That must have polled well; she has essentially turned it into one of her main campaign platforms.

“Offered major concessions to Vladimir Putin in Eastern Europe before he invaded Ukraine”

Too bad Republicans couldn’t make more of the infamous “reset,” but Trump has his own ideas about Putin that made this kind of attack difficult. Even so, it’s a reminder of just how ridiculous it is to think that Putin is desperate to keep Clinton out of the White House.

“Allowed Iran’s nuclear program to triple its uranium enrichment while she was Secretary of State”

You think this made anyone “more likely” to vote for her? Not unless Iowa has a hidden pocket of Iranian sympathizers.

“Was caught exaggerating her story about landing under sniper fire in Bosnia”

Hmm. Follow-up: “Was caught using the word ‘exaggerating’ as a synonym for ‘making up’.”

“Has a thirty year history of ethics and corruption investigations like Whitewater and Travelgate”

Correction: A thirty year history…and counting.

But hey, at least she knows.

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