Hillary’s Emails: Will Justice Reign Over Politics?

According to agency insiders, FBI Director James Comey is getting close to a decision point in the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server. And while longtime agents believe that Comey will push the Justice Department to file charges against Clinton for mishandling classified information, they acknowledge that he will be up against powerful political figures in the Obama administration.

Obama allies see Clinton as the best chance they have to solidify his legacy. With her in the White House, they will have a president who will further his foreign policy doctrine and protect his signature domestic legislation – Obamacare. She is right in line with Obama on illegal immigration, and she has gone to great lengths on the campaign trail to present her presidency as Obama Term #3. Obama himself allegedly told Democratic donors last week that it was time for the party to rally around Clinton, to the expense of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

For Comey, it could come down to a test of his integrity. Even recommending charges to the Justice Department could cost him politically. By forcing Attorney General Loretta Lynch to make her own stand between justice and politics, Comey will undoutbedly find himself despised inside the Democratic Party. There’s no telling what kind of back-room offers he’ll have to turn down on the way to doing the right thing. And even if he survives the temptations, Obama’s minions can simply wave their hands and insist that they won’t bring charges, regardless of Comey’s recommendations.

Even if they do go that route, though, it will leave Clinton in the unenviable position of going into the general election with an enormous dark cloud over her head. Right now, the media has basically portrayed this story as a non-issue that Republicans are trying to politicize. That narrative worked so well with Benghazi, why not rinse and repeat! But if it comes out that the FBI wanted to indict her, only to run into the brick wall of the Justice Department, her campaign will be in serious jeopardy.

As it damn well should be. We’re not talking about a minor infraction of some arcane rule. We’re talking about a secretary of state who had such contempt for inconvenience that she willfully put our national secrets in jeopardy. Hillary Clinton isn’t fit to run a small business, much less the United States of America.

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