Hispanics Protest Trump’s SNL Hosting Gig

All the networks and all the cable news channels are making a fortune off the Donald Trump phenomenon, but when Saturday Night Live announced that Trump would host the show on November 7, Hispanic organizations were outraged. Apparently it’s okay to have Trump on your show for an interview, it’s okay to broadcast his rallies live as they happen, and it’s okay to spend the majority of every news show discussing his campaign. But it’s not okay for him to host a comedy program. Sure, okay. Why not.

“We are appalled that you would enable Trump’s hateful speech for nothing more than a ratings ploy,” said the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda in a letter to SNL producers.

As if Trump is going to get up there and go on a tirade against Hispanics. These idiots still think his initial campaign announcement was about Mexicans. They simply can’t make the logical inference that he was talking about illegal immigrants and nobody else.

Well, that’s not true. They know exactly what he meant. They are purposefully constructing a false narrative, using Trump’s candidacy as a means to raise their own profile. In a way, they are benefitting as much from his popularity as the networks. And as long as they can keep their supporters believing that Trump is a racist, the donations will keep pouring in.

“There’s no question that this issue has struck a nerve in the Latino community and beyond, and there is growing energy and intensity,” said Janet Murguía, president of Hispanic activist group La Raza.

Naturally. Groups like La Raza have successfully turned illegal immigration into an issue of race, and they have had the Republican Party running scared for some time. The media is in the bag, always ready with some suspicious statistics that tell us how beneficial immigration has been for the United States. Hey, hey, most Mexicans aren’t rapists, they say, pointing to a chart. Anyone who says that must be a racist!

True enough. The fact that no one actually said that…well, that tends to go overlooked.

Whether SNL decides to dump Trump or not, the bigger issue here is how we let these activist groups and the media conspire to disguise the truth. In fact, they go one better; they create their own truth and sell it to people who need a boogeyman to blame for their own crappy lives. And since the majority of liberals still think Michael Brown was unjustly murdered last August, the effect of this propaganda is clear.

A big part of Trump’s popularity comes from the fact that he sees this for what it is. And judging by the rest of the field, he’s one of the few Republicans who do. Trump’s supporters aren’t excited by offensiveness; they reject the idea that he’s offensive at all. But so many Americans have bought into the left’s nonsense that anyone who goes against our current set of speech codes is automatically deemed a bad person. A racist. A sexist. A bigot. A monster.

As long as we grant these liberals the pleasure of defining the stage, the set, and the dressing, we’re never going to get anywhere. Whatever Trump may lack in relation to being an ideal president, he at least understands that much.

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