Hmm: Democrat Says Women Do Not Get Pregnant With “Human Beings”

Christine Quinn is a Democratic politician from New York who regularly appears on CNN programming to spout left-wing propaganda for the braindead viewers still tuning in to watch this regrettable excuse for a cable news network. The former Speaker of the New York City Council, Quinn has spent her career in politics pushing the LGBT agenda and, occasionally, fighting against the evil forces who want to put reasonable restrictions on a woman’s “right” to have an abortion.

At times, proponents of the left’s sick agenda will inadvertently provide a tremendous service for the rest of us. They do this by bringing a little too much of their true belief system to the surface. These beliefs are uncontroversial and celebrated within the left-wing bubble where these people spend most of their time, so when they crawl out of their hidey-hole to appear on national television, they sometimes forget they are speaking to an audience that isn’t completely eaten up with their own morbid views on life. That’s when we get startling claims like the one Quinn made on Monday night’s CNN telecast.

In a panel discussion about Georgia’s new “heartbeat” legislation, host Chris Cuomo asked Quinn why it was not okay for state legislatures to protect the unborn.

“Christine,” he said, “what’s the concern with what just passed in Georgia and what you may wind up seeing more of – a state passing through its legislature a more restrictive right to reproductive acts such as reproductive rights such as abortion? This is a six-week bill.”

Maybe the fact that Cuomo used the obscene term “reproductive acts” to describe abortion encouraged Quinn to let her guard down. But before she got to her most shocking statement, she first tossed out some very typical Democratic talking points.

“These so-called heartbeat bills are exactly what you said, six-week bills. They, for all intent and purposes, are an end run around Roe versus Wade, and a clear attempt to make abortion illegal across the country,” Quinn said. “That’s what they are. And we’ve seen in states where they’ve been passed already, courts strike them out or enjoin them. This is a clear attempt to take decisions about a woman’s body and birth out of the hands of a woman and out of the hands of doctors.”

It was only when fellow panelist Rick Santorum challenged Quinn’s theory on the rights of women that she grew irate enough to give us this stunning peek into the mind of a far-left feminist.

“When a woman gets pregnant,” she asserted, “that is not a human being inside of her. It’s part of her body.”

Now, anyone who has closely followed the propaganda of Planned Parenthood and its supporters already knows this is what the leftists believe, but it’s still jarring to hear someone say it right out loud like that. A woman doesn’t get pregnant with a human being? That is some Grade A, fascinating philosophy right there. And yet it is the only possible worldview that pro-abortion politicians could have without knowing, deep down, that they are promoting murder.

Nine times out of ten, when a Democrat says something shocking and extreme, it’s not that they are all that much more radical than their mainstream counterparts. It’s just that they do a poorer job of hiding the truth. In that way, people like Quinn are immensely valuable.

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